22 Helpful Work from Home Tips

Like many other companies, the majority of the Signal Group is working from home. This was a new experience for some of us, but we’ve risen to the challenge. In fact, some members of our team have some work-from-home tips that might help some of you!

Working from Home with Kids

Rachel Danyluk in our Signal Connect division is the master of this. She gave birth to her daughter Evie in January 2020. She also has her six-year-old son Logan at home. Even with two young children to take care of, she manages to smash her duties at Signal Connect. This even includes many Zoom meetings. Here are her tips for parents navigating the work from home environment while raising children:

  1. “During meetings, I put Evie in a baby carrier and pace around to help keep her calm.”
  2. “If pacing doesn’t work, there’s always the mute button!”
  3. “I make space near me so Evie can see me while I work, which helps a lot.”
  4. “I occasionally have Logan help me by grabbing diapers or a bottle if I need it.”
  5. “When it comes to Logan, I structure his schoolwork when I have some downtime in case I need to help him.”
  6. “Logan and I also do a lot of ice cream before dinner, and we watch movies together.”
  7. “I always make a point of staying in touch with all my coworkers. We send pics of our kids and stuff like that. It helps but I still miss them.”

Rachel’s work-life balance is extremely commendable when you learn how much time she spends on the phone. “Some of our vendors’ customer service departments are very busy right now,” explained Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect sales manager. “Rachel spends up to seven hours on the phone with them on most days.” When Rachel gets someone on the phone, she checks with the rest of the Signal Connect group to see if they need something. “She’s an incredible team player!” Mike added.

Zen and the Art of Working from Home

When it comes to working from home, Stuart Sweet is our “zen master.” He’s been working out of his home office whenever he’s needed to for the last eight years. So, when the entire country switched to the “home office model,” our guy was well prepared. I climbed to the top of the mountain to visit this work-from-home guru. I humbly asked him to share his wisdom with all of you. Once he stopped levitating in the lotus position, he said:

  1. “Get up the same time you would have when you commuted.”
  2. “Dress the same as you would if you were in an office.”
  3. “Pick the right place for your setup.”
  4. “Know when it’s time to stop working. Walk away from the work PC at the end of the day.”
  5. “Be as polite to your home “coworkers” as you were when you were in the office.”
  6. “It’s been (at least) a week… clean up your workspace.”
  7. “Don’t be afraid to try a different schedule if your job allows it.”
  8. “Make a list of what you actually accomplished at the end of every workday.”
  9. “Be kind to other people at home. Just because they aren’t working doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling.”
  10. “Mute your microphone in meetings unless you have something to say.”
  11. “Don’t forget, it’s a privilege. Work hard to earn it.”
  12. “Zoom meetings aren’t like regular meetings. Learn the rules.”
  13. “Connect with your coworkers. Take a minute to learn more about what they’re going through.”
  14. “If you need resources you don’t have, don’t be afraid to ask for them.”
  15. “Don’t be afraid to tell your coworkers, or your boss, if you are having anxiety.”

It took a long time to get down that mountain but I came back with the scroll of Stuart’s teachings. I’m happy to share them here with you because there are so many of us working from home these days. If you’re someone who wants to maintain your sanity while increasing productivity, you’ll surely benefit from the master’s teachings.

More Work From Home Tips

I know what will happen after this post goes live. Other members of our staff will message me and say, “Why didn’t you include MY tips, Buckler?” Well, there’s only so much room in any given blog post but we’ll get to your tips, too. Until we release part II, I’d like to mention that Solid Signal carries a variety of work from home products that are still in stock. How many online electronics retailers can say that these days? (Rhetorical question.)

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