3 Reasons to Get This Audio/Video Grabber

Is this RCA-to-USB audio/video grabber something you need? Yes! And I can give you three reasons why.

Some of you already know what a video capture device is. For those of you who don’t, I’m happy to explain. This RCA-to-USB audio/video grabber captures and converts your analog media to your desktop or notebook computer. In other words, you can easily digitize all those old VHS tapes and store them on your computer. What’s that good for? Well, I can think of three solid reasons why many people – yourself included – could use this audio/video grabber.

1. Preserves Home Movies on VHS for Life

Do you have a stack of home movies on VHS? If so, those old tapes are probably gathering dust on a shelf somewhere in your home. (Mine are behind my entertainment center.) While those videos are gathering dust, the tape quality is deteriorating. On average, those tapes degrade 10-20% in as little as 10 years. There’s a good chance that some of your footage is already skewed due to aging. Is that any way to treat your family’s precious memories?

If you had this RCA-to-USB audio/video grabber, you could transfer ALL of those home movies onto your PC or MAC. That means finally getting rid of all those old VHS tapes. More importantly, it means you can relive all those happy, funny, and candid family memories. (I’m assuming that if you have a VCR, it’s no longer connected to your main TV.) And, if you have some video-producing savvy, you can edit those old movies as well as add titles and various effects.

Home movies and other material can be uploaded to YouTube. You can also use Google Drive or another file sharing service to host private watch parties, even if the video is copyrighted. There are places where copyrighted videos can be shared, but we won’t discuss them. We’re not that kind of blog. And in case you’re wondering, this audio/video grabber is easy to use. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Connect one end to your VHS player, DVD player, or other standard definition device,
  2. Connect the other end to your computer,
  3. And run the software that makes the transfer happen.

Note: This device comes with ArcSoft Showbiz on CD. It also works very well with the free (and more modern) OBS software available on the internet.

2. Easy Sharing to Social Media

Since this audio/video grabber makes digitizing old VHS tapes easy, it also makes sharing those videos to social media easier. Think about it. Once those movies become digital files, sharing them on YouTube and other video platforms becomes about as easy as pushing a button. Even if it’s just something you share in a private family group, wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the family could enjoy those old movies again?

This has me thinking. My fishing buddy and I used to take his video recorder with us every time we went to the lake or river. Our intention was to get actual video footage of the whoppers we reeled in. (We practiced catch-and-release, so no one believed any of our “fish tales.”) What transpired on those trips was pure comedic gold. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced those old movies would make a great YouTube channel called “Fishing Follies, Flukes, and Fumbles.” A barrel of laughs, I tell ya.

3. It Also Saves Those Old VHS Classic Movies

Your stack of VHS tapes might include a bunch of movies as well. You know, a bunch of your favorite movies that you thought you’d want to watch forever. Unless you still own a functioning VCR, you can’t do that. (And let’s be honest, most people don’t have DVD players, let alone VCRs hooked up these days.) Sure, you could download some of those movies off streaming services, but not every movie is available whenever you want it.

This RCA-to-USB audio/video grabber means preserving your favorite hard-to-find movies forever. You would digitize them as quickly and easily as you did those home movies. Once you have the files on your computer or tablet, you can enjoy those old movies anytime you want. My daughter has told me that she’d love to watch the animated version of Wind in the Willows that she loved so much as a kid. I might not be able to stream it on Disney+, but I sure do have the old VHS tape on my shelf!

Here are two more ways you can use this audio/video grabber:

  1. Hook up a security camera to your computer as the monitor.
  2. Stream video game console playing on the internet, especially with the help of Open Broadcaster Software. Here’s a tutorial on how to use Open Broadcaster Software.

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