5 Reasons We’re Your Satellite TV Superstore!

Do you need satellite TV equipment? Solid Signal specializes in all things satellite TV!

If you’re here, you might know that Solid Signal is an online electronics retailer. We’re also a satellite TV store. We like to think of ourselves as the best satellite TV store. That thought is echoed by many of our satisfied customers. Here are five reasons why everyone who enjoys satellite TV should shop at Solid Signal.

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1. We Carry Both Satellite TV Providers

Are you DIRECTV or DISH? No matter which one you prefer, Solid Signal has you covered. Our online inventory is filled with satellite TV equipment from and for both providers. This is a benefit to anyone who needs a replacement part or anything else. Being a source for both literally makes Solid Signal a one-stop-shop for all US satellite TV viewers.

2. Satellite Dishes, of Course!

If you’ve made up your mind about getting satellite TV, you’ll need a dish. It wouldn’t be satellite TV without one. Solid Signal has the largest online selection of dishes for DIRECTV and DISH setups. Whether you need a satellite dish for your home, RV, semi-truck, or boat, we have it. And if you’re not sure which dish you need, our customer service reps can give you an expert product recommendation. This experience also makes us your best source for a replacement dish.

3. Satellite Receivers, Too!

The receiver is the “box” that goes inside your house. It’s the second most-important part of your satellite TV setup because it has all your channels and programming on it. We carry a full line of satellite TV receivers for DIRECTV and DISH. The one you need depends on the satellite TV package you have and other factors. Fortunately for you, our reps can match your installation with the right receiver. All you have to do is call!

4. Remote Controls

This is by far the most enjoyable part of your DIRECTV or DISH setup. The remote lets you choose which shows you’re going to watch after all. The catch is that these devices are easy to misplace and even lose. While your missing remote control is probably somewhere inside your chair, it never hurts to have a spare. We carry a full line of DIRECTV and DISH remotes. Check it out!

5. A Store for Satellite TV Installers

Are you a satellite installer? Then you should shop Solid Signal. We have everything you need to resupply yourself. We’re talking custom cable lengths and huge variety of tools and installer supplies. We also offer the best prices, friendly customer service, and speedy delivery. If installing satellite TV is your profession, or you’re an avid DIYer, you really should shop Solid Signal.

Make Us Your Satellite TV Store Today!

We’ve given you five reasons to shop Solid Signal for your satellite TV equipment. By now, you should be ready to do so. Feel free to search our website for the things you need. And if you have any questions, feel free to call our customer service department at 888-233-7563. Here’s another good way to connect with us: fill out the form below and sending it in.

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