6 New Sling TV Features

Sling TV has recently added new features to improve its TV streaming service. Six of them, to be exact. These features are designed to improve the Sling TV viewing experience for all viewers. Some viewers know about these features and the benefits they offer, others don’t. Even fewer people who don’t have Sling TV are aware of everything the streaming service has to offer. The Solid Signal blog team is happy to share these new features with you, as well as make you aware of the best streaming service to use for enjoying everything that Sling TV has to offer.

1. Additional Streaming Channels

Sling TV subscribers can add additional streaming services to their viewing packages. Do you like Netflix? What about Amazon Prime? Or Showtime? Whichever additional streaming services you want to subscribe to can be added to Sling TV. These services can be accessed and managed through your Sling TV app. For those who enjoy a variety of curated movies, original series and shows, and niche content should enjoy this feature because it lets you stream most or all of your favorite programming.

2. Parental Controls

As much as streamers love their favorite shows, not all of today’s programming is appropriate for young children. Sling TV lets you block programming based on its rating. You also can block your kids from renting movies through the Sling TV app. When setting up your parental controls, you’ll be asked to create a unique PIN. This can be used to get around the parental blocks so the adults in your household can still watch all the programming that they want to see.

3. Limit Bandwidth for Data Caps

For anyone with a data cap, Sling TV lets you limit the amount of bandwidth the streaming service uses. This lets you stream more programming using less data. This is particularly helpful for anyone who enjoys watching TV programming on their mobile devices. If these folks experience buffering, they can adjust the quality to improve their mobile streaming results. The Sling TV bandwidth settings are found inside the account settings under “Connection.”

4. Save Your Recorded Shows

Would you like to save your DVR recordings for as long as you want? You can with Sling TV. The streaming service makes it easy to keep your favorite recordings from being deleted. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to “My DVR” section
  2. Click the recording you want to save
  3. Click the option to protect

This simple, three-step option is all you need to protect your recordings from being removed.

5. Pay-Per-View

No matter how many channels or streaming services there are, there will always be unique programming that you can only see on pay-per-view. The folks at DISH understand this so they made pay-per-view programming available through Sling TV. Sling TV subscribers can see the big fights, latest concerts, and new movies without having to create a second account on another service.

6. Shortcut to Favorite Shows

Everyone loves convenience, including Sling TV subscribers. For example, we make shortcuts on our desktop to quickly take us to the computer programs we use the most. Sling TV offers something similar for your favorite shows. Just go to a show’s page and click on the heart. This will make the show a “favorite” on your My TV page. You can easily jump to that show’s page to get the on-demand content that’s available for it.

Best Sling TV Streaming Device

There are different ways to stream Sling TV but Solid Signal has an opinion on which one is the best. It’s the DISH AirTV Player with the Sling TV package. This is the best way to get this streaming service because the AirTV Player offers so much. Let’s start with the Sling TV package itself. You can choose one of three options:

  1. Sling Orange with 32 national channels.
  2. Sling Blue: 45 channels.
  3. Sling Orange & Blue: 52 channels.

Whichever Sling package you choose, you can add many more channels to that at no extra cost. How? By connecting your AirTV Player to a TV antenna. Your local TV market has plenty free channels and sub-channels being transmitted across the airwaves. A TV antenna atop your roof or in your window can snag most or all of these. All this programming is free, so there’s no reason not to add it to everything you get from Sling. The DISH AirTV Player puts all of this content – national and local – onto one easy-to-use menu.

Sling Your Sling TV Anywhere You Go

Do you think having national and free local TV channels on one menu is cool? Wait until you hear about this. Your AirTV Player sends all of your programming to your cellphone or other portable device, including those local channels. This means you can watch all your favorite shows wherever you travel. No more worrying about finding the local affiliates in new areas. You can also forget wondering if the hotel you’re staying at has ESPN, Lifetime, or Food Network, for example. Everything your AirTV Player gets at home is what you’ll receive on the go.

Get Sling TV and AirTV Player

Solid Signal is your source for Sling TV and the DISH AirTV Player. We understand that switching streaming service providers, or getting your first streaming service, is a big decision. You probably have some questions about all of this. That’s why it’s best to call the techs in our customer service department. They’ll answer your questions and help you choose the right Sling TV package and TV antenna. We have hundreds of antennas in stock, and the best one for you depends on your zip code and how far your home is from the local TV transmitters. You can reach our product and antenna experts at 888-233-7563.

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