Amazon 4K comes to Samsung TVs

4K streaming is coming sooner than you think, as early as October Amazon Instant Video could start streaming 4K. With one catch, they will only be streaming to Samsung UltraHD TVs.

The announcement came from Samsung, who has been more than eager to start pushing 4K content for their UltraHD series TVs. This isn’t surprising by any means, not only is 4K content lacking, but broadcasting 4K content over existing broadband connections isn’t exactly easy. At this year’s CES show in January Samsung had announced major partnerships with Netflix, Amazon, Comcast, and DIRECTV to provide 4K content to their consumers. The 4K streaming will be available via a new app for Samsung’s 2014 Smart TV platform.

Amazon’s UHD streaming service appears to be superior to Netflix from what we know so far, but we can’t be sure until it finally rolls out. With Netflix only offering two shows in 4K, it shouldn’t be hard to get ahead especially if Amazon releases movies for streaming in 4K like they’ve promised.

Samsung revealed in its pre-IFA announcements that they will finally bring their UHD Video Pack to Europe following the IFA show. This is huge for European consumers, and should bring Samsung to the top of the 4K world. Developed with Fox Home Entertainment, the European Video Pack will be far superior to the US counterpart. It will carry an impressive 40 full 4K movies, including genuinely well praised films such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, on its 500GB media player. Meanwhile the US Video Pack only contains eight titles, but Samsung should be looking to update this in the near future.

Samsung started to test their 4K waters by broadcasting World Cup warm up matches from Portuguese broadcaster Meo. As well as broadcasting 4K in their home country of Korea via cable provider CJ Hello Vision that started in April. Samsung has plans to extend to CNM and T-Broad before the start of the new year.

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