Sign up for DIRECTV NOW, get a free AppleTV (again)

It’s seriously like getting a free streaming player. Several sources, including AT&T itself, have confirmed that if you prepay for three months of DIRECTV NOW, you will get a free AppleTV player, which itself is worth $149. That means even if you don’t stay with the service you’ll get the player for free, forever, for $35 less than if you bought it outright.

This same offer was available to early adopters of the service but was phased out a few months ago.

I know this is a very limited time deal and the details are still very scarce on it — DIRECTVNOW’s own web site doesn’t talk about the deal and some sites are saying that it’s only offered if you sign up over the phone or in person with a retailer. So, give us a call at 877.312.4547 and we’ll give you the full story.

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