AT&T announces MLB Extra Innings Pricing for 2021

It’s time once again to sign up for DIRECTV’s MLB Extra Innings package. I think it’s the best value in sports programming. Why? Because when you look at thirty teams and 168 games, you realize that for one price you potentially get over 20,000 hours of content. It would take you about ten years to watch all of it if you treated it as a full time job. Compare that with NFL Sunday Ticket which is much more expensive and you’ll realize it’s a great value.

About MLB Extra Innings

MLB Extra Innings gives you every regular-season game. Every single one. Yes, there are blackout restrictions for in-market games. That’s something the league insists on. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get tons of content! This is the perfect choice for displaced fans, too since blackout rules only apply to games that are close to you.

You get every game on DIRECTV, plus the MLB Network Strike Zone channel which brings you a constant broadcast of the top plays across the league. It’s the best way to use your time to see all the action. You also get the Game Mix channel which shows 8 games at once!

Even better, you get the MLB.TV package which lets you stream on your phone, smart TV, or streaming device! This package is usually $115 by itself and it’s completely free with MLB Extra Innings.

Pricing hasn’t changed from 2020

This year, MLB Extra Innings hasn’t changed from its 2020 price. It’s $183, which was the original price of the package as it first came out this time last year. That’s excellent news, coming at a time when many people are watching their budgets.

Of course, last year’s season was greatly modified from its original form. There’s still a chance that this year’s season will adopt the 60-game season, or be changed or shortened somewhat. The truth is that we just don’t know.

And while we’re being honest, there’s no guarantee that there will be refunds like there were last year if the season changes. But AT&T and other providers did the right thing last year. There’s a good reason to think that they’ll do the right thing this year.

Extra Innings is the cure to blackout rules

Major League Baseball is one of the short list of professional sports leagues that still has a blackout rule. The rule is simple and also surprisingly complex. Games can be blacked out in a very large area simply because there isn’t another local team.

Blackout rules are negotiated with regional sports networks, with the league’s guidance. They aren’t meant to protect anyone but the RSN’s accountants. They hurt people like you who want to watch national baseball, and help the RSNs make money, which they charge you as part of your bill even if they black out games.

These regional networks, and the league itself, simply refused to lift those blackout rules even in 2020 when some parks were completely closed to the public. So far there’s no indication that they’ll lift those rules this year either.

Blackout rules are stupid, but they don’t stop you from watching TV. If you want to see the Tigers play the Marlins, you’ll get the Marlins feed as part of the Extra Innings package. At least you won’t miss the game. There are also ways to stream things without giving away your true location, but this blog doesn’t support that kind of talk.

Get MLB Extra Innings today and beat the rush

There’s always a rush when the season starts. The first week’s games are usually free for everyone and that leads to long wait times on the phones and very slow signups on the web site. By signing up now you can avoid all that. Just call Solid Signal at 877.312.4547 or sign up directly at the web site.

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