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In 2016, AT&T introduced its first live streaming service. It was orignally called DIRECTV NOW. That service has gone on virtually unchanged since then. We’ve seen a few feature improvements such as DVR capability but not much more. Two years ago, that service rebranded as AT&T TV NOW, and last year the company launched AT&T TV, which was similar but used brand-specific hardware to bring a more cable-TV-like experience to streaming.

Now, AT&T’s web site says that AT&T TV NOW has merged with AT&T, and they’ve updated the pricing tiers a bit. That’s true, I suppose, but really there hasn’t been any real difference. It’s just a matter of perspective.

Let’s clear it up.

There were two big differences between AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW. The “Now” version didn’t include the hardware, and there was no contract. That’s still essentially true. There are still two ways to get live streaming TV. You can go no-contract, with monthly pricing starting at $69.99 a month plus taxes. Or, you can choose a two-year contract and your first year price drops to $59.99 a month plus fees and taxes. Keep in mind that regional sports fees may apply as well.

The other difference was the AT&T TV device. Now, you can get that box in a no-contract plan by paying $120 up front or $5 a month. The box is included in contract plans.

How is this different?

It’s not, really. The big difference is that it is possible to buy the box upfront and have no contract. There are still seven different pricing tiers, each with its own assortment of taxes and whatnot. You can hardly blame AT&T for the taxes part, I suppose.

I will say that it’s now easier to try AT&T TV on your mobile device or streaming box for a month before committing to the hardware. You do get a better experience with the AT&T TV box, though. It allows for pausing of live TV as well as a faster “bootup experience” that gets you watching faster. You also get a real remote with number keys which is very friendly for cable TV users. It’s also the perfect box for today’s challenges, because you can install it yourself, safely, without anyone else coming to the home.

It’s all about flexibility.

None of the other live streaming services give you the option of having a dedicated box. This box runs most popular streaming apps as well, so it becomes a simple choice for you. You don’t have to worry about multiple devices when you’re looking for streaming. AT&T TV’s box does it all.

You can get AT&T TV a number of ways. It’s easy to go to the AT&T TV web site, but if you want real customer service, call the folks at Signal Connect. We’re AT&T Preferred Dealers which means we can sign you up for the best deals easily. If you’re an existing DIRECTV customer who wants to move to AT&T TV, we can help with that as well. All it takes is one call to 888-233-7563 to get started. You’ll get a sales counselor in our 100% US-based call center who will show you everything you need, and will sign you up for the service you want. You can load the app and start watching on day one, even if you’ve ordered the AT&T TV box. Call us now!

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