AT&T Warner Media Streaming Update

Last December, we reported on AT&T’s upcoming Warner Media streaming service. Admittedly, we didn’t know much about it then because the communications giant didn’t release many details. Well, a few months have passed and Solid Signal has more details about this streaming service. We know when this streaming service will be available, how it will be offered, and what this service will be based on. We also have a hunch that it might take on Netflix and Hulu in the marketplace. If you want to know this and more about AT&T’s upcoming Warner Media streaming service, keep reading…

Warner Media Streaming: When, What, and How

The details of this upcoming AT&T streaming service were recently released at the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday. The information was shared by AT&T’s Kevin Reilly (President of TBS and TNT) and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Based on what they said at that event, here’s what we know about the Warner Media streaming service:

  • When: The Warner Media streaming service is due for a fourth quarter 2019 release.
  • What: A Warner Media streaming service that’s expected to feature HBO content as its core.
  • How: This streaming service will be offered at the basic (movies), premium (HBO and blockbuster movies), and final (everything plus additional Warner Media and other content).

Streaming Options from AT&T

When we first covered this story, it begged the question whether AT&T needs a third streaming service. They already have DIRECTV NOW and Watch TV, after all. Now that more details have been released, we have a clearer picture of the landscape. This new streaming service seems to be movie-, series-, and original content-focused. It’s clear that AT&T has three different streaming services for three different types of customer.

When viewed through this context, it all makes sense. DIRECTV NOW combines movies, national channels and many local TV channels. This makes it roughly equivalent to its home satellite service. Watch TV, on the other hand, is a budget option that delivers 30+ channels to phones and tablets. This option is largely a benefit to AT&T Mobility subscribers since it comes free with a wireless program. If we had to take a guess, the Warner Media streaming will likely compete with Netflix and Hulu. (That last part is a bit speculative on our part.)

AT&T is All About Choices

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