Be My Valentine, 3-Piece Brush Drill Set

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to write a love letter to a product we carry. While that might seem odd, this particular product has saved me from sore hands and wrists that come from manually scrubbing my bathtub. This three-piece drill brush set easily connects to my cordless drill and allows me to rid my tub of the pesky film of soap scum. If you’re someone who’s tired of hand-scrubbing areas of your home, you just might also fall in love with the Tech Choice three-piece drill brush set of all-purpose power scrubbers.

Drill Brushes, How Do I Love Thee?

Before I met you, my life was a real Cinderella story. Week after week, I practically scrubbed my fingers to the bone trying to remove the soap scum from my bathtub. While I got most of it, there was always a thin but noticeable film that was left behind. No amount of bathroom cleaning sprays ever made much of a difference either.

That’s why I’ll never forget the day you came into my life…

…Birds in the trees sang and a shaft of golden sunlight shined down through a break in the clouds. It illuminated the monitor on my desk and bathed the image of your beautiful bristles in a kind of liquid gold. My heart whispered that here was what I’d been looking for all this time. A brush set that would easily fit into my cordless drill and my life.

My head tried to stop me from having you, though. “Slow down,” it whispered. “You’ve been fooled before.” But the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart ached for these power scrubbers. I ordered a set from the Solid Signal website and counted the days until that box arrived on my doorstep. When I did, I quickly welcomed you into my home.

Our first date was simply amazing! Gone were those long nights of scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing only to get the job half done. You glided along the bathtub’s edges on angel’s wings, removing every trace of soap scum in your path. At the end of the night, it was rather easy to rinse you off and drop you off in the tool drawer. I could’ve kissed you, but I didn’t.

The magic of that first date hasn’t gone away. Each time I take you out is just as good. You haven’t changed a bit after all these months, and that’s exactly what I love about you. Together, we leave my bathtub sparkling clean, a fact that’s much appreciated by my true love, Mrs. Buckler.

Get This Brush Set from Solid Signal

You don’t have to “love” this three-piece drill brush set to get it. All you need is to have some household chores that could benefit from them. Oh, and you need some type of cordless drill because a power drill does NOT come with this brush set. Here’s what you do get:

  • 4” wide scrubber
  • 2” scrubber
  • Long scrubber

This brush set is great for those jobs that require way too much elbow grease, like bathtubs, tile, and grout. They’re also good for deep cleaning inside those hard-to-reach areas like stoves and showerheads. These brushes feature ¼” bits with quick-change shafts that are compatible with most cordless drills that feature an adjustable width.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.