Boat Dealers, Meet Your DIRECTV Partner

As a busy boat dealer, your staff might not have time to activate DIRECTV accounts for clients. Signal Connect can do that and more for FREE!

Boat dealers know that today’s customers want the best of everything in their vessels. For many, this includes DIRECTV. Some of you have technicians or subcontractors who install the marine satellite dome, DIRECTV receiver, and other equipment. What do you do when it’s time to activate that DIRECTV account? If your tech does it, they can be on the phone for hours. It’s worse when you turn it over to the customer. Our Signal Connect division has the best DIRECTV activation solution for boat dealers and their clients.

FREE DIRECTV Activation for Boat Dealers

This is the reason you should make us your DIRECTV partner. The reps on the Signal Connect marine team are satellite TV experts. They know exactly who to call at DIRECTV to get your clients’ accounts activated quickly. What might take your tech an hour, our reps can do in about 15 minutes. This is a huge benefit to you, your techs, and/or your subcontractors. Bottom line: They can move on to their next installation or repair job while our reps handle the activation.

The DIRECTV activation we do for boat dealers is absolutely free. That’s right! It won’t cost you anything. Signal Connect is a national DIRECTV dealer. We offer our DIRECTV activation service free of charge to boat dealers to help you better serve your clients. When you think about it, choosing us as your DIRECTV partner saves you money because it keeps your techs from having to sit on the phone with DIRECTV’s call center.

Another Benefit to Boat Dealers…

…Is our free tech support service. While connection issues are rare, they do happen. Since your technicians don’t specialize in these things, they could try to track down the fix themselves. They also could refer your customers to DIRECTV’s call center. This can only lead to LONG waits on the phone! As your DIRECTV partner, our reps will diagnose your clients’ connection issues over the phone, then walk them through the fix. We offer this free DIRECTV tech support for the life of your customers’ accounts.

In addition to tech support, Signal Connect reps also offer account management service. During the time they have DIRECTV on their boat, your clients will need this service. For example, they might need to make changes to their billing address. Instead of calling you or DIRECTV’s busy call center, they just call their rep at Signal Connect. We’ll take care of whatever they need at NO cost to them or you, the boat dealer.

Boat Dealers, Give Signal Connect a Call

After reading this, you might have some questions about choosing us as your DIRECTV partner. The reps at Signal Connect will be happy to explain how this all works. The key takeaway is that there is NO cost to boat dealers for the DIRECTV activations, tech support, and account management that Signal Connect offers. To find out more, just give Signal Connect a call at 888-233-5834. If you’re reading this after business hours, just fill out the form below and send it to us. A Signal Connect rep will follow up with you.

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