BREAKING: DIRECTV airing World Series in 4K

But, I’ll say, curb your enthusiasm just a little bit.

AT&T has announce that they will be showing the World Series in 4K on channels 105 and 106. The series begins on October 20 and takes place in Globe Life field, normally home to the Texas Rangers. The location was chosen in advance, presumably so that there would be no chance it took place in a closed stadium. Having a fixed, neutral location also means no traveling.

As I write this, it’s down to four teams. So, the Rays or Astros will face the Dodgers or Braves. We’ll all just have to keep watching to see which it ends up being.

Like many other games…

The series will be broadcast in 4K but not produced in 4K. It seems that there just isn’t the ability to produce 4K content in a lot of these stadiums. That’s pretty surprising to me given how long the teams have had to prepare. But as they say “it is what it is.” The production will be in HD, probably the 1080p variant. It will then pass through artificial intelligence to scale it up to 4K. This will probably mean a short delay as we’ve seen with other games.

I’ve been watching and there is a definite improvement between seeing the games on Fox and seeing them in 4K. Fox stations use the 720p variant of HD which makes fast motion work better but it’s nowhere near the quality. When you watch a game on Fox you’re actually looking at it in worse quality than how it was produced. You can stream the full HD versions on the Fox Sports app but the broadcast versions are definitely the worst.

On the other hand, 4K gives the best possible view, even on HD programs. The added bandwidth of 4K makes it possible for even the finest details to be preserved. And, I have to say, the AI is getting better all the time. It’s definitely worth it.

What? You still haven’t upgraded to 4K yet on DIRECTV?

Now’s the time. I can’t guarantee you’ll get up and running in the next five days, but there’s a really good chance you’ll be able to see game 7 in 4K. You’ll need an upgrade to your dish and some other equipment, and you’ll need a Genie with a 4K-capable client. You can install it all yourself if you’re savvy using our Ultimate Guide to Upgrading. Get the parts you need by shopping at Solid Signal, then take care of it all safely by yourself. Or, if you need professional installation, call the experts! Our Signal Connect division can get you set up with the same AT&T installers you’ll get by calling that bigger, anonymous overseas call center. The difference is that when you call us, you get a pro who will take you through the whole process and give you real, personalized service. Call now at 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below if it’s after East Coast business hours. Haven’t you missed enough 4K content already? It’s time to get on the bandwagon.

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