Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Lyft Drivers

Lyft drivers, you know your passengers like to use their phones when they ride with you.  Some like to text their squad to see if the club is bumping.  Others want to catch up with what they missed on social media from the night before.  Whatever their reasons, these clients expect solid cellular coverage and connection in your ride share vehicle.  To give them what they want, you need a cell phone signal booster in your Lyft car.

Cell Signal Booster Benefits for Lyft Drivers

A cellular signal booster is considered a tool of the ride share trade.  When you put one of these devices in your Lyft car, you and your guests can enjoy:

  • Improved data speeds
  • Reliable coverage
  • Strong reception
  • Solid connections
  • An end to most dead zones

A cell phone signal booster system means less missed requests, which increases your positive reviews.  For your passengers, it means a great ride share experience, and this also can lead to more five-star ratings!

How Do Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work?

These devices can be used with all wireless carriers and smartphones, but there are no monthly fees.  Getting one is just a one-time purchase, which is good news for Lyft drivers on a budget.  A cell signal booster has three components – an outdoor antenna, booster, and indoor antenna – that operate in this manner:

  1. The outdoor antenna accesses voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE signals, then delivers them to the booster.
  2. The booster receives these signals, amplifies them, and sends them to the indoor antenna.
  3. The indoor antenna broadcasts signal throughout your Lyft car.
  4. This process works in reverse when you and your guests make calls or send texts.

“Will a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work in My Car?”

Of course it will!  Cell signal boosters work for all wireless carriers, smartphones, and other cellular devices.  Here are two more things you should know about them:

  1. It’s a one-time purchase with NO monthly fees.
  2. It’s very easy to install in your ride share vehicle.

weBoost Cell Phone Boosters for Lyft Drivers

Solid Signal, a division of Signal Connect, proudly carries weBoost vehicle cellular signal boosters.  We recommend these three models because they have features and benefits that are ideal for Lyft drivers:

weBoost Drive Sleek 4G Single User Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

The weBoost Drive Sleek 4G vehicle cell phone signal booster is a great hands-free cellular signal booster that benefits Uber drivers.  When mounted in its dashboard cradle, the Sleek gives you these benefits:

  • Boosts driver’s 4G, LTE, and 3G cellular signal
  • Provides up to 32x better cell coverage
  • Easy set up (You can do it yourself in most cases)



weBoost Drive 4G-M Multi-User Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you want to improve the cell phone coverage for you and your passengers, we recommend the weBoost Drive 4G-M vehicle cell phone signal booster multi-user.  It delivers amazing benefits to your ride share vehicle, which include:

  • Strong, dependable cellular signal
  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
  • Faster data downloads



Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M Multi-User Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

For Uber drivers on a budget, there’s the refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M in-vehicle signal booster.  It has all the benefits of a brand new 4G-M yet costs more than $100 less when you order from us.  It delivers amazing benefits to your ride share vehicle, which include:

  • Strong, dependable cellular signal
  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
  • Faster data downloads

Get Your Cell Phone Signal Booster from Signal Connect!

Save 10 percent

As a Lyft driver, you want to deliver the best guest experience you can.  A weBoost cell phone signal booster system helps you do this.  It delivers clear, trouble-free cellular communication in your Lyft car, which you’ll love.  Your passengers will enjoy it too, even if they don’t say anything about it.  Remember, free Wi-Fi is pretty much an expectation with today’s tech-savvy customers.  You might as well cater to it in your Lyft car.

It’s easy for Lyft drivers to get a weBoost vehicle cell phone signal booster from Signal Connect.  With our current Lyft promo, you can SAVE 10% on one of these devices.  Just send us proof of employment (recent pay stub, Lyft credentials, etc.).  Email proof of employment to info@signalconnect.com.  You can order one of three ways::

  1. You can order what you need straight from our product website, SolidSignal.com.  Just follow the link to the one you need from above and go from there.
    • Please note: This option does not include the discount up-front.  We will have to issue a rebate post purchase!
  2. You can give us a call at 877-312-4547, especially if you have questions about cell signal boosters before you order.
  3. Fill out the form below and click “submit.”  One of our product specialists will get back with you to offer some straight talk about cell phone signal boosters and help apply your discount right over the phone if you have already provided your proof of Lyft employment.


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