CES2014: We expect a lot of smart watches

Here it is CES time and we’re getting bombarded with announcements about wearable technology. It seems that the industry as a whole has decided that wearables like watches and glasses are “the next big thing” that we are all expected to ooh and aah over. The funny thing is that like 4K, this seems to be a technology that the industry wants and people don’t.

We’ve pointed out that people just aren’t that excited about wearables before, and there is no reason to think that opinion has changed. If a device turns out to change the way we look at the world like smartphones and GPS did, we’ll gladly welcome it. The problem here is that smartwatches don’t do that. They just show you the same information in a different way. They add another thing to charge at the end of the night, another thing to upgrade every other year, and another thing to break when it drops.

There’s no question that we’ll see hundreds of wearable designs in the next few days. There are folks on our blog team who look forward to smart watches and think they will be a big benefit, but as for the team we’ll have on the ground, it’s hard to remember a product we have been less enthusiastic about (and remember, we were there when Windows Home Server was released.)

Let’s hope we’re all proven wrong. We’d love to come back to you with the story that wearable tech is real, that it’s fabulous, that we just can’t wait to try it. Hey, here’s hoping.

Oh, and by the way, we’re not alone here: TechCrunch said much the same thing.

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