CES2014: Here’s why we were actually there.

While we’re glad the blog team got to travel on the company dime but there’s another reason that our Solid Signal team traveled to CES: Business. There’s a lot of business that goes on at the International CES Show floor… billions and billions of dollars change hands, mostly in nondescript meeting rooms and hospitality suites. That’s the real reason we came.

We know you depend on Solid Signal to provide the best in new products, and those new products have to come from somewhere. Often times it’s a new distributor or new manufacturer that comes on the scene but sometimes it’s just an opportunity to work with our overseas partners face to face. There are so many great companies all around the world that are looking for companies just like ours… companies that are willing to support the products they sell to American customers. That’s where we come in.

It’s been a genuine pleasure being at the International CES and there’s no doubt that we found a ton of great new cool stuff to bring to you in the coming year. You’ll see new products trickling onto our site slowly and we’ll highlight them here whenever possible!

In the meantime, while our negotiations are strictly confidential, The Verge did a piece about buyers at CES and our experiences “may or may not” have been similar. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.

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Stuart Sweet
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