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“Can you turn it up a little?” Do you say this when you’re watching TV at home? It could be because your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be. Or, in other cases, it has to do with what you’re watching. Some TV shows have two volume levels: mumble and explosion. If you turn the volume up loud enough to hear the characters, your ears will be blown out during the action sequences or even some commercials. You can always turn the subtitles on, but that’s not for everyone. If you struggle with variable and annoying TV volumes, Solid Signal suggests getting the Tech Choice Bluetooth audio transmitter/receiver.

What is the Tech Choice Bluetooth Audio Transmitter/Receiver?

It’s an amazing new product that’s recently been added to Solid Signal’s online inventory. You had to figure we’d say that, but it’s true. We’re very impressed with this new product and you will be too. That’s why we’re happy to tell you about it. For the purposes of hearing your TV at comfortable volume levels, we’ll focus on its transmission mode first. In it, you can send audio wirelessly from your TV to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

If you struggle to hear mumble dramas, you can pipe the sound to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. (Sold separately.) This lets you control how loud you want the TV’s volume to be without bothering anyone else in the room. This the ideal solution for anyone who lives in an apartment or condo, or has family members who don’t want their eardrums blown out by a TV that’s cranked to the max. Now, we know what you’re thinking…

… What About my Spouse/Partner?

They’re in luck because this Bluetooth audio transmitter/receiver sends audio signals to a second pair of Bluetooth headphones. This makes it convenient for two people with different volume preferences to watch the same shows together. Let’s be honest, it’s great to kick back in your favorite seat and watch some great TV shows with the one you love. Am I right?

Maybe you’re not convinced yet. Perhaps you’ve tried some other Bluetooth headphones in the past and didn’t enjoy the experience. It might have had something to do with the lip synching once you ran your shows through that other Bluetooth audio transmitter/receiver. That won’t happen with this Tech Choice device. Why? Because this audio transmitter/receiver features…

… The Low Latency Advantage

This comes with embedded ATPX Low Latency technology that delivers <40ms lip sync. That’s a rather technical way to say that your viewing won’t suffer from lip-sync delay if you’re using this Tech Choice device with an ATPX LL-compatible TV set. This means the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies won’t look like a poorly-dubbed kung fu films from the 1970s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with classic kung fu flicks, mind you.)

Don’t Forget the Home Theater Experience!

Yes, you can get that with this Bluetooth audio transmitter receiver. In receiver mode, this device converts your home stereo into a Bluetooth speaker. This can make your living room feel like an actual movie theater, with dialogue and action that practically bursts from your stereo speakers. If you’re looking for such an experience, this affordable device brings it to your living room. You can also stream your favorite tunes, which is great for anyone who likes to throw parties.

Get the Tech Choice Audio Transmitter/Receiver

Whether it’s for headphones, home theater use, or both, you want this amazing device. It’s no wonder, since it has so many exciting features that nearly anyone can benefit from. When you get the Tech Choice audio transmitter/receiver from Solid Signal, it comes with all of this:

  • A stereo audio/video cable (red and white) to Aux cable (3.5 mm)
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • TOSLINK fiber optic cable
  • Micro-USB-to-USB cable

So, are you tired of cranking up your TV’s volume to full blast? Or maybe you want the benefits of a home theater in all its bombastic glory? Both of these TV-viewing needs are addressed by this Tech Choice device. If you have any questions about this audio transmitter/receiver, you should talk to one of our techs. They can be reached at 888-233-7563.

Team Solid Signal is here to help you learn more about the Tech Choice Bluetooth audio transmitter/receiver.


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