Cisco Access Points in RV Park Wi-Fi Systems

Wi-Fi for RV parks is more important now than EVER before! This is why campground managers need to know about Cisco devices.

RV park Wi-Fi systems are a big-ticket item right now, and it’s no surprise. Most campgrounds charge more for this service, which means it MUST work. If not, you’ll have guests complaining about lack of coverage and slow speeds. If you don’t offer internet, you’re losing business. If you do, but the coverage is substandard, you’re also losing business. Cisco products are a part of the solution our Signal Connect division provides. We’ll explain everything starting at the beginning…

…Signal Connect Offers RV Park Internet Solutions

That’s one of the things our Signal Connect division specializes in. It starts with providing high-speed internet service. We offer AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI). This high-speed internet service is brought to you by ACC Business, a division of AT&T. It’s the best Wi-Fi for RV parks, and Signal Connect is the best one to provide it. Signal Connect is an AT&T Preferred Dealer in case you were wondering.

Here are some of the benefits of ADI internet offered by Signal Connect:

  • True high-speed performance
  • Dedicated fiber instead of broadband
  • Dedicated and managed internet access
  • Service that uses the AT&T IP Backbone (RFC2267-compliant)
  • End-to-end management from AT&T and Signal Connect

RV Park Wi-Fi Systems

Having internet for RV parks is great if you’re just connecting your office. To get that internet service to every lot, you need a Wi-Fi system to deliver the signal. This consists of three important elements:

  1. A high-quality router. These are provided by your internet service provider, in this case, ACC Business.
  2. A network switch. The one you get depends on things like the distance you need to run, the long-term reliability you want, and whether you can provide an air-conditioned environment for the switches.
  3. Multiple outdoor access points. These devices are placed throughout your campground to transmit the internet signal outward from the base.

This is where Cisco access points come into play. The company makes access points that are both powerful and durable. These devices help transmit the Wi-Fi signal all over the park. This makes sure that everyone with a computer, cell phone, or tablet can log onto the internet with ease.

Here are three good reasons why we might recommend Cisco access points:

  1. Distance: When it comes to access points, we generally recommend placing one every 2,000 square feet you want to cover. Some RV parks are up to four to five acres in total size. This means you need access points you can rely on, and that’s Cisco.
  2. Durability: There are many RV parks along the coast all around the country. In these situations, high winds and salt spray can do a number on equipment that is less than the best. We recommend Cisco access points because they are built to last.
  3. Performance: RV parks are the very definition of “multiple users.” Each lot represents at least one user, but there are usually multiple users per lot. Needless to say, that’s A LOT of users, and they all deserve the same level of service. The Signal Connect reps know that Cisco devices stand up to the connectivity demands of most modern RV parks.

Cisco Access Points and Much More

When it comes to RV park Wi-Fi systems, your equipment is as important as your internet service. You’ll get the best gear when your Signal Connect rep turns to Solid Signal. We’re the division of the company that’s an online electronics retailer. Solid Signal carries a variety of access points from Cisco and other top-name brand manufacturers. You’ll get the right equipment when both divisions of our company work together to bring internet to YOUR RV park!

Learn More About RV Park Wi-Fi Systems

It’s really easy. Just pick up the phone and call 888-233-7563. This puts you in direct contact with the RV team at Signal Connect. These folks have already helped many RV park managers, and they can help you too. Put them to the test by asking your questions about Wi-Fi for RV parks. They’ll answer everything to your satisfaction. You can also reach our RV team by filling out the form below then sending it to us. A team member will reach out to you!

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