College Football in 4K on DIRECTV this weekend

And we thought there wouldn’t be any sports to watch this fall. I’m pretty glad to be wrong about that. Not only are all the major professional sports finding a way through the fall, but some college sports is back too! Even better, DIRECTV is broadcasting two college games in 4K this weekend.

Here are the details

TCU at Texas starts at noon Eastern time on DIRECTV channel 105.

Oklahoma at Iowa State starts at 4:30pm Eastern time on DIRECTV channel 107.

It’s 4K, and also sort of not 4K

I suppose I should tell you that the TCU game will be broadcast using HD cameras but the final result will be 4K. The conversion to 4K looks like it’s going to be done in-stadium so the result should be pretty good. Although it won’t be as good as the “real” 4K game broadcast later in the day, it’s going to provide a better experience than the HD feed which will be compressed before getting delivered to AT&T’s satellites. The effect is that the quality of the signal should be closer to what you get on a Blu-ray disc as opposed to what you usually get, which is a little bit lower quality than studio-produced 4K.

I’m curious: if you watch the TCU game in 4K, and also have access to it in HD, tell me which looks better to you!

What? You still haven’t done the 4K upgrade?

If you aren’t using 4K-capable equipment from AT&T, it’s time to move forward. You’ll need a Genie and a 4K client, and it’s also a perfect time to upgrade to a Reverse Band capable dish which will be needed for future broadcasts.

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