DIRECTV brings the 4K this weekend

The folks at AT&T have read your minds. They know two things: one, that you’re probably still stuck at home more than you wish you were. And two, that you’re aching for more 4K sports. And this weekend, they’re delivering.

World Series in (kinda) 4K

Yes, DIRECTV is airing the World Series in 4K. No one is disputing that. But as I told you last week, the games are actually produced in the highest quality HD. From there, they take two paths. For broadcast, the broadcast is seriously degraded. Fox broadcasts sports in 720p, which is about one-fourth the quality the game will be shot at. On the other hand, AT&T and others will be sampling the games to 4K, about four times the quality it was shot at. The result is that (due to math you forgot from grade school) the 4K broadcast should objectively be about sixteen times the quality of the HD broadcast.

It makes a difference. Compare the two and you’ll definitely see it. I know I have. Check out the World Series in 4K on channel 105.

College Football in 4K

This weekend you’ll have the opportunity to watch two college football games in 4K. I am fairly sure that broadcasters actually produce these games in 4K so you’ll get the best possible quality when you watch.

You can see Nebraska vs. Ohio State at noon Eastern tomorrow on channel 106. Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh runs at 3:30pm Eastern on channel 107. Generally you’ll see 4K movies on channel 107 but AT&T now uses it for live 4K overflow. That’s a very good sign, because it means there’s more 4K content.

You might remember that there was a very early Notre Dame game broadcast in 4K. I have to say it looks like they’re getting very good at it now. Early 4K broadcasts looked a little incomplete but the ones I’ve seen have really looked very professional.

Do you have the equipment you need?

Folks, if you haven’t upgraded to 4K on DIRECTV yet, what’s stopping you? You’ll see more and more 4K to watch in the coming months and the quality will definitely get better and better.

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Start the party now

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