DIRECTV for Your Bar or Restaurant

Bar owners, have you ever thought about getting DIRECTV for your business? It’s a great idea, and even better if you follow through with it. Your patrons will enjoy all the great programming DIRECTV has to offer, including college and pro sports, and you’ll earn more revenue because of it. How? We’ll break it down for you by reaching out to the experts. Needless to say, it’s a good idea for bar owners to feature DIRECTV in their establishments.

When it Comes to DIRECTV…

… We turn to Signal Connect, a division of Solid Signal. Signal Connect is an AT&T Preferred Dealer that specializes commercial DIRECTV equipment and activations. To talk about DIRECTV for bars and restaurants, we reached out to Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect inside sales manager. He said, “DIRECTV is a great marketing tool for nearly any bar owner because it appeals to the reasons a lot of people go to these establishments. It’s a win-win for bar owners and their patrons!”

Why DIRECTV for Your Bar or Restaurant?

Two simple words answer this question: beer math. That’s what Mike and the Signal Connect team calls the formula that shows how DIRECTV can increase your profits. He explained, “When you have DIRECTV, people will stay at your bar longer and order more food and drinks when they’re watching the game. This means more revenue for you.”

Here’s a closer look at the beer math formula using some general numbers for illustrative purposes:

  • A DIRECTV Commercial account with NFL Sunday Ticket for a bar that seats 51-100 people costs $2,314 per year. (Note: New customer fees vary depending upon the size of your business, number of receivers and TVs, type of viewing package, etc.)
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar without sports TV: 45 minutes
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar with sports TV: four hours
  • Average value of a customer per hour: $20
  • Average number of customers per day with no sports: 30
  • Average number of customers per day with sports: 100

Mike uses these numbers break down what you could be earning with DIRECTV. “Without it, you’ll earn about $450/day (based upon 0.75 hours x $20/hour x 30 customers),” he stated. “With DIRECTV and a sports package, you can earn $8,000 on a game day (based on four hours x $20/hour x 100 customers).” With the annual investment of $2,314 for DIRECTV and NFL Sunday Ticket, you can increase game day sales by $7,550, from $450 to $8,000. (Every bar’s results will differ.)

DIRECTV, Sports, and the American Bar Patron

If you’re going to get DIRECTV in your bar, Mike recommends getting at least one sports packages. He explained, “People like to get out of the house to watch the big game. If your bar doesn’t have it on, these folks will take their business somewhere else.” That’s why it makes sense to have at least one of these sports viewing packages with your DIRECTV account:

  • DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET: This is a pro football fan’s dream come true.
  • MLB Extra Innings: Your source for major league games, news, and programming.
  • NHL® Center Ice®: This is a must have if your customers love professional hockey.
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS: Want to attract hoops fans? This is what you need.

Each of these DIRECTV viewing packages delivers the most televised games to your business. In most cases, your patrons can choose between home and away broadcasts of every team in the league. They also can enjoy a variety of sports-related programming offered by these packages. DIRECTV also offers plenty of college sports viewing options, too. “This is great if your customers follow a popular college team,” Mike added.

Free Account Management Service

This is where Signal Connect truly excels as a DIRECTV dealer. Bar owners can’t afford to have a connection issue on game day. Fortunately, things like this are rare. In the event that it does happen, Signal Connect’s U.S.-based team is here to help you. Mike explained, “Your Signal Connect rep will walk you through the fix over the phone. This service is priceless because it means you won’t have to be put on hold in a busy call center.” The company’s reps also help with all things related to your account.

Commercial DIRECTV with Signal Connect

Getting DIRECTV for your bar or restaurant is easy when you work with Signal Connect. One of our reps will match you with the best satellite dish and DIRECTV equipment. The next step is getting that equipment installed at your business. “For that, we’ll turn to one of the many professional DIRECTV installers we work with,” Mike said. “Chances are good that we have a few in your state, and we’ll send one out to handle your installation.”

Once your DIRECTV equipment is installed, it’s time to activate your account. This is where Signal Connect comes in handy. Mike said, “Your account rep knows who to call at DIRECTV to get your account activated, sometimes in as little as 10 minutes. It would take you or your installer hours to do this!” Once we activate your account, your patrons can begin to enjoy their favorite DIRECTV programming. This process begins when you call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563.

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Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.