DirecTV: Keeping The “Country” Green

On Monday, most Americans lamented the giving up of green (Tax Day). On Wednesday, some folks celebrated a different type of green (possibly to mellow them out from Monday, but we won’t talk about that here). Yesterday, we gave purple some love, but today it’s back to the color green with Earth Day.

Kermit the Frog once stated that it wasn’t easy being green, but DIRECTV is doing their part to make it easier… especially if you live in the “country”.

Last year I deactivated three DIRECTV DVRs that were models DIRECTV no longer recovers to reuse, so DIRECTV sent me three envelopes in the mail that contained pre-paid labels and plastic envelopes that you can stick DIRECTV STBs (Set Top Boxes) into and mail to be recycled.

This is an important service to offer because DIRECTV has a fair amount of customers who live in the country like me. I cannot speak for everyone in rural areas, but while there are places that I can take paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, batteries, and cell phones to be recycled, there’s really not a place within an hour’s drive that I can take an item like a DIRECTV STB, DVD Player, TV, computers, etc. to for recycling. There is an event held near me once or twice a year where you can bring electronics, but it’s not promoted as well as it should be, so it’s frequently missed by many, and if you care about recycling, an electronics graveyard can develop.

For making it a little easier to be “green”, thank you DIRECTV! My electronics graveyard is a little smaller than it would be without this service!