DIRECTV NOW adds local channels

DIRECTV NOW, the streaming service from AT&T that gives you live channels on your phone or streaming box, has been “on fire” lately. They weren’t the first player in this market but they’ve been working very hard to catch up.

AT&T reps have said numerous times that adding locals are a big priority for the company, as it looks to focus on DIRECTV NOW as a key part of its strategy moving forward. AT&T is the only company that has both the wireless infrastructure and content deals to truly rule in the streaming TV market. This week’s new channel additions make it clear that they absolutely intend to rule.

Viewers in San Antonio and Baltimore will find new NBC and FOX channels on their DIRECTV NOW guide. It’s clear that AT&T is moving quickly, adding channels as soon as they can instead of waiting for a huge rollout.

More channels on DIRECTV NOW

Since the very first announcement, AT&T has always said that DIRECTV NOW won’t be a “deep discount” service. They’ve never intended to deliver the lowest price package, since that would mean people missing out on channels that they want. Instead, the goal has always been to deliver a fairly priced service that gives customer exceptional value in a new way. They built DIRECTV NOW from the ground up with new contracts and new processes. They’re starting to see success, too.

Our friends at CordCutters News keep a running tally of every local channel offered on DIRECTV NOW, although they admit that with so many being added they have trouble keeping up. It’s a pretty impressive list.

Take DIRECTV With You

I remember when DIRECTV Satellite started to add locals in the early 2000s, and when they started rolling out HD locals in 2008 or so. These were very exciting times for enthusiasts and early adopters, and I think this is a very similar time for people who want to cut the cord and enjoy live TV over the internet.

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