DIRECTV NOW Beta Gets New Features

DIRECTV NOW beta testers recently got an email informing them of a series of updates. These improvements are for many platforms accept the DIRECTV NOW beta for Roku.

On Friday, AT&T sent out an email to all its DIRECTV NOW beta testers. This communication informed them that the communications giant rolled out updates for various beta app platforms. AT&T also urged its testers to share their feedback about these latest updates. It’s easy to do. On your mobile device or computer, just select “Provide Feedback” found under the cog icon. If you’re an Apple TV or FireTV user, you can share their thoughts on this feedback portal.

Here are the DIRECTV NOW beta updates available for its various platforms:

  • tvOS viewrs will get a new video player that makes it easier to access show information, record live content, and fast forward/rewind through a scrubber bar for on-demand programming.
  • Fire TV gets improved video startup times and end-card functionality for restart content.
  • Chromecast device support is available for iOS users.
  • Android users will see improved video startup times, Chromecast device support, and end-card functionality for restart content.
  • Web (Chrome) gets Chromecast device support and cDVR end-card functionality.


This DIRECTV NOW platform didn’t receive any beta updates, at least not now. It might have something to do with the fact that the launch on Roku launch came after the service launched on other platforms in the DIRECTV NOW beta program. This might be why AT&T only recently released its Roku beta app. Only time will tell if the Roku beta will catch up to the tvOS, Fire TV, and the others services.


As you might recall, beta testers recently received an app that appears to have fixed some common DIRECTV NOW beta DVR bugs. The update provided beta testers with CBS Sports, which airs many professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey games. This has many in the streaming community wondering with AT&T will roll out its DIRECTV NOW DVR function for its subscribers. Just a guess here, but it’s highly likely that the company wants to take its time to make sure its DVR is the best it can be before its official release to all DIRECTV NOW users.

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