In the world of streaming service providers, it seems that two things are true – improvements and affiliates. Such is the case with DIRECTV NOW this week.  AT&T finally has some news about its upcoming DVR app. It also added more local TV affiliates from two major American TV markets.  In our ongoing coverage of all things streaming, Solid Signal brings you this news of the second most popular streaming service provider.

DIRECTV NOW Might Add 20 Hours of Free DVR

Are you a DIRECTV NOW user who’s looking forward to the upcoming DVR app? It appears that we might have some good news from AT&T!

A version of the DIRECTV NOW website appears to show new details about the DVR service for its live TV app.  AT&T might include 20 hours of DVR with its standard DIRECTV NOW bundle.  Some believe this will be free, with 100 hours of DVR available for purchase from AT&T.  The speculation is a result of a DVR cost that appeared, then disappeared, from DIRECTV NOW’s billing system last week.

Based on the language on the new DIRECTV NOW website, DIRECTV NOW will offer a limited DVR included with each subscription.  This will likely be the 20 hours given to new beta testers.  In the beginning, beta testers got 100 hours of free DVR storage, which was lowered to 20.

How much with the 100 hours of extra storage cost?  While we have nothing to report on this at the moment, it looks like the official DVR launch might be on a track for spring 2018.  As has always been the case with this, we’ll all just have to wait and see what AT&T plans to do next.

DIRECTV NOW Adds More Local TV Affiliates

DIRECTV NOW recently added more FOX and NBC affiliates.  One major addition was KPRC, the NBC affiliate located in Houston, Texas.  This addition gives Houston DIRECTV NOW subscribers all four major local TV channels.  In addition, Houston subscribers are also enjoying my20, Univision, and Telemundo.

DIRECTV NOW subscribers in Des Moines, IA have another local channel to enjoy.  AT&T added KDSM, the Fox affiliate in Des Moines.  This leaves just one local affiliate in that TV market – NBC affiliate WHO-HD – for AT&T and add.  No information has been given on whether AT&T is pursuing WHO TV’s channel 13 in Des Moines.  Given the rate the company is adding local affiliates, it’s a matter of time before subscribers in Des Moines get all four local affiliates.

If these locals don’t appear in your beta app, don’t panic.  New locals typically get added to the beta app within a few days after being added to the DIRECTV NOW standard app.

DIRECTV NOW continues to scramble to add as many local affiliates as possible.  AT&T is racing to catch up to Hulu, which now has more than 400 live local channels.  This is the most of any of the streaming service providers.  Currently, DIRECTV NOW seems to be competing with PlayStation Vue for the silver medal of live local affiliates.

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