DIRECTV NOW’s Good News and More

If you’re considering cutting the cord, DIRECTV NOW keeps looking like a great option. This week, some important improvements have come to the streaming service.

DIRECTV NOW might be considered new, but this streaming service continues to evolve. A week doesn’t go by without some news about DIRECTV’s streaming-only option. This week is no exception. DIRECTV has some important announcements about the addition of more local affiliates and some updates to its DVR beta. DIRECTV also seems to be teasing viewers with the possibility of adding professional football games to its streaming service, though that’s not as likely to happen soon. Get the latest DIRECTV NOW news in this week’s special Monday edition of “Streaming Saturday!”

DIRECTV NOW Adding CW Stations
It looks like all CBS-owned CW affiliates soon will go live on DIRECTV NOW. This is good news for those DIRECTV NOW viewers who’ve been waiting for their local The CW stations to come to the streaming services live TV app. Here is a list of The CW stations owned by CBS:

  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Pittsburg
  • Philadelphia
  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Tampa

Don’t expect all of these channels to appear in your app right away. DIRECTV will likely roll each addition out over the next few days or so. If you live in any of these TV markets and have been waiting for your local CW affiliate, you’ll have it soon!

DIRECTV NOW Increases DVR Storage
At first, it looked like DIRECTV NOW upped its DVR data storage to 6,000 from 100 hours. The streaming service quickly told beta testers that the 6,000 hour limit was an error. That said, DIRECTV NOW’s DVR data storage has been increased from its original 100-hour limit. Currently, no beta users have reported a limit. So what do you know about the full DVR rollout scheduled for the fall? Not much except that users can fast forward through commercials and will have more than 100 hours of storage. Beyond that, we’re looking forward to whatever surprises DIRECTV NOW has in store.

And Now, the Not So Good News
We doubt that the NFL Network is coming to DIRECTV NOW, despite a recent survey asking about the football service. Word on the street has it that DIRECTV NOW has sent out a survey asking subscribers if they would be interesting in the NFL Network being added to the streaming service. We believe it’s highly unlikely that DIRECTV NOW will acquire the NFL Network for two reasons:

  1. DIRECTV NOW has asked this question in previous surveys.
  2. If there was a deal in place to add the NFL Network, DIRECTV NOW wouldn’t need to ask viewers if they want the service.

Keep in mind, this is just what we believe is the case. For all we know, AT&T could be hosting talks with the NFL Network right now. We just haven’t heard anything that would confirm such a thing. For now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and fuboTV are the only streaming services that offer NFL Network and NFL RedZone as an add-on option.

It’s Not a Big Deal
Honestly, I don’t think that the NFL Network’s absence on DIRECTV NOW is a big deal. I would venture to guess that the streaming service’s main demographic – cord-cutters in their 20s and 30s – use DIRECTV NOW to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. This might be why DIRECTV focuses upon its DVR service and acquiring local TV channels. Perhaps NFL Network is more of a long-term goal for AT&T. Right now, DIRECTV NOW is doing plenty with the features and channels it continues to add to help create the ultimate streaming experience.

Now This is a Big Deal!
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