DIRECTV NOW’s Present and Future Updates

I’d like to talk about streaming for a minute and DIRECTV NOW in particular. To date, I’ve been unable to stream Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view events on my DIRECTV account, but all that is about to change. I really enjoy watching the fights on TV, particularly these pay-per-view spectacles that pit the top fighters against each other. This is not without its problems, though. Mrs. Buckler doesn’t want this vulgar display of brutality in our family room. I don’t blame her. MMA isn’t for everyone and frankly, I would be concerned if my lovely wife relished these sometimes bloody, drawn-out battles.

Our children are another factor into this equation. Neither of us want our two youngest, ages 13 and nine, to be exposed to that kind of violence on TV. This keeps me from ordering UFC pay-per-view events on TV. I can’t watch it in the living room and there’s nothing stopping the kids from coming into one of the other TV rooms and saying, “What’re you watching, Dad?” I also don’t want to go to the neighborhood bar to watch the fights because I don’t want to be “that guy.” So, how do I enjoy my favorite sport and still maintain peace in the valley?

Apparently, DIRECTV NOW feels my pain and is working to resolve this issue.

Word on the streaming streets has it that pay-per-view events are coming to DIRECTV NOW. That’s not the only improvement heading to DIRECTV’s premier streaming service. I’ll get into all the latest and future improvements in a bit. Right now, I want to focus on pay-per-view events and how cool that is that it’s headed for DIRECTV NOW. And yes, I think this is awesome for purely selfish reasons… so indulge me for a moment.

I’d be willing to dial up a pay-per-view event on my tablet and watch it out in my truck. The wife won’t have to see all the blood and broken bones, and there’s no chance of the kids walking in and being exposed to the brutal world of sport fighting. And, in case you’re wondering, YES, I am more than willing to sit in my truck, tablet propped against the steering wheel, to watch UFC pay-per-views. (A guy with a beard and tattoos, sitting in a pickup truck, watching cage fighting… I can’t imagine the jokes Stuart Sweet will come up with.)

I’m sure Stuart imagines me looking something like this…

There’s only one small catch to this good news: I might have to wait until 2019 for this to happen. Now let me be clear, I have NO inside source over at DIRECTV, so I really don’t know exactly when pay-per-view will be available. Since there are only two and a half months left in 2018, I’m guessing that this improvement will roll out next year. But who knows? AT&T could roll it out tomorrow, or next week, for all I know. I would consider that an early holiday gift! The same goes for DIRECTV NOW’s plans for 4K streaming.

DIRECTV NOW Adds Dolby Digital Audio to More Channels

Let’s take a closer look at some DIRECTV NOW improvements you can enjoy now. AT&T recently added Dolby Digital Audio to Disney-owned channels and select ESPN channels. A few weeks ago, the streaming service added Dolby Digital Audio and DTS support to select FOX stations, which included FOX News. Does your sound system support Dolby Digital Audio or DTS? If so, you can take advantage of this higher quality audio. (Note: Only programs recorded in Dolby Digital Audio will offer this.) Beta tests for this feature began in November 2017.

DIRECTV NOW to Enable Four Concurrent Live Streams

AT&T announced its partnership with Magic Leap One, an augmented reality service. This collaboration will bring DIRECTV NOW to the Magic Leap One AR headsets. These headsets will allow DIRECTV NOW customers to watch four different TV channels at once. This will be part of a new DIRECTV NOW beta test. Check out this YouTube video that demonstrates what this will look like through the headsets:

Much like the pay-per-view addition, I don’t know exactly when this will be available to all DIRECTV NOW customers. It sounds like a substantial investment in time and technology to make it work. Again, I’m just guessing here. I know this much, when all of these features roll out, it will make for some exciting times for DIRECTV NOW customers. When it all goes down, you know where to find me – I’ll be out in the truck watching the latest UFC pay-per-view. Just tap on the window if you need something.

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