DIRECTV updates MLB Extra Innings Pricing

As I write this, the Major League baseball season is expected to start on July 23. This will be a shortened, 60-game season with each team doing minimal traveling in order to keep things safe. The league has already published rules to try to keep things moving while maintaining the safest possible environment for players and visitors.

$90 for the rest of the season

For those who want to watch the games in the safety and comfort of home, the MLB Extra Innings package is once again available. Those who purchased earlier were already refunded, so this is a one-time charge of $90 for the rest of the season. Although other sites have reported this price as exclusive to DIRECTV, it does seem to be the same as other pay-TV services. Any site that is trying to blame AT&T for the fact that the per-game price is higher than it was before… that’s just way off-base.

Argue if you will…

Certainly there are going to be those who think the price is too high, and there are going to be those who think that it’s just right. That’s up to you. Personally I think it’s still a great value. Watching MLB games on TV is a great way to pass the time while at home. The value is still a lot more than the cost of going to the ballpark.

There’s no word as to whether or not the league’s somewhat restrictive blackout rules will be changed. It would be nice if they allowed more people to see games at home. I have to say that it would make sense. At the same time I could imagine stadium owners wanting to make the most money possible during the shortened season. The MLB.TV site hasn’t been completely updated with pricing for the rest of the season. Their blackout policy is still right there, front and center. It’s almost like they are saying the blackouts aren’t their fault. That’s kind of weird if you ask me.

MLB app will still work

It’s expected that AT&T customers who sign up for MLB Extra Innings will still get to use the MLB app for free to watch anywhere, on the go. The same app is available on major streaming boxes and smart TVs for those who don’t plan on traveling anywhere. In case you’ve misplaced it, here’s the link you’ll need to activate your MLB subscription using your AT&T username and password.

MLB Extra Innings on DIRECTV is still a great value

I have to disagree with those people who don’t think MLB Extra Innings is a good value. It’s still delivering more games than the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Pricing for the rest of the season hasn’t been announced on MLB.TV, so it’s hard to know if the price will be competitive with the standalone streaming package. Certainly it has been in prior years.

If you’re ready to sign up for MLB Extra Innings, you can go to or Or, call the helpful people at Solid Signal at 877-312-4547.

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