Do you have DIRECTV and AT&T Service? The discounts await

Now is the time, my friends. There has never been a better time. If you’re a longtime DIRECTV customers who uses AT&T for cellular or home internet, you’re probably paying too much! You need to be bundling, and you need to do it right away.


Yes, bundling. For a over a decade, cable companies have been making sweetheart offers, calling them “double-play” or “triple-play” and doling out the discounts. Combine TV and phone, pay less. Combine TV, phone, and internet, and pay even less. DIRECTV customers were tempted, I know. We all know that DIRECTV is the better TV service, but oh, the siren song of saving some cash. We all hear it.

The bundles are better than ever with DIRECTV and AT&T

Now, people who want the best in TV and the best in internet and telephone don’t have to pay top dollar. Bundle prices are available, but you need to know where to get them. If you have AT&T home phone, home internet, or cellular, you can combine your bill with DIRECTV and the savings keep rolling in… but only if you have the right professionals on your side

For folks without AT&T…

Believe it or not there are bundle opportunities for people served by other internet companies. After all, AT&T internet doesn’t blanket the whole country… yet. If you have a different internet service provider, there are still some great opportunities for bundles. Maybe not as great as the ones with AT&T, but why not take advantage where you can?

Get the professionals on your side

It’s easy to get bundle pricing, if you know how. Or more precisely, if you know who. You need a friend in the business. Luckily, you have. Give your friends at Signal Connect a call. Signal Connect is the commercial and activations arm of Solid Signal, and they’re ready to deliver the kind of personal service you don’t see much anymore. When you call, you won’t get bounced around a giant overseas call center. You’ll get someone from the very beginning who cares about you. They’ll take your name and they’ll give you theirs. If you need to reach them again, you can call them directly. You can’t say that about too many companies these days.

Your relationship with Signal Connect starts with one phone call. Dial 888-233-7563 and the pro you’ll get on the other side of the phone will make it easy for you to get bundle pricing on your TV and phone service. They’ll make sure you get every discount you qualify for, and they’ll take a personal interest in making sure you’re happy.

Can’t call them until after hours? No problem! Simply fill out the form below and a representative will get back to you. Generally, 24 hours is all it takes for them to call back. They’ll even do it all over email or even Zoom if you want!

Why pay more, even for premium service? Get the best life has to offer, and pay less than you ever thought possible. It’s easy, with Signal Connect.

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