Antennas ARE cool… and I’ll prove it!

The other day I was in a meeting and I heard someone say, “antennas aren’t cool.” Not one of our Signal Group professionals, of course. But still it was a big surprise to hear. Because, I think antennas are incredibly cool. I bet if you’re reading this blog you think so too.

Here’s what’s cool about TV antennas

A TV antenna may as well be a magic wand. It sits there, either on your roof or inside your home, and even though it doesn’t move, it pulls in television programs. I could go into the serious physics of how electricity traveling through the air causes the molecules in the antenna to vibrate sympathetically to the electrical signal, but that kind of heavy duty stuff just makes it seem less magical.

Indeed, it seems like an antenna is something that couldn’t possibly exist. Without being plugged into an electrical outlet, it sits there 24/7, receiving broadcasts from as much as 75 miles away. Add a tiny bit of little electrical power in the form of an amplifier, and it can do its job 100 times better.

An antenna works when it rains, when it snows, when the sun is beating down… all the time. It has no moving parts and requires no maintenance.

Today’s antennas cost about 1/10th of what they cost in the 1950s, when you account for inflation. Yet they are more efficient and do a better job bringing in broadcasts. That’s an amazing thing if you really think about it.

People who use antennas are cool

If you get your local channels over an antenna, there are two things I can say about you. First of all, you’re self-sufficient. You don’t depend on some other company to provide entertainment for you. No, you take care of business all on your own. That kind of attitude may not be in style these days, but it’s eminently cool. One of the lessons of the last year is that we all need to learn how to depend on ourselves as much as we depend on each other. Just having an antenna marks you as one of those folks who was standing tall on their own, long before it was cool.

The other thing I’ll tell you about yourself is that you are saving a ton of money. Without a bundling plan, even basic cable runs you about $50 a month, about $600 a year. Go for a fancier plan and you will easily pay over $100 a month, $1200 a year.

On the other hand, once you’re done buying and installing an antenna, you pay nothing more. NOTHING. You can get dozens of channels of live entertainment and they’re all 100% free. You can’t say that about too many things these days. And saving money, let me tell you, is incredibly cool. Having more money than other folks is one of those things that makes you incredibly cool. And having an antenna gets you there.

Choose the right cool antenna for you

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