Get back to school!

Back to school, and we all know what that means… New gadgets! We’ve been waiting patiently all year for this season, back to school electronics. I’ll list a few of my favorite here in this post.

My personal favorite of the back-to-school themed gadgets is the Livescribe Pulse smartpen. That’s right a smartPEN, it’s and 2GB pen that records every motion you make, it even has a voice recorder! It allows you to sync your notes both audibly and visually to your computer. You can them share these notes online, but there is a catch. The pen only works when partnered with the Livescribe notebook paper due to its infrared sensor.

Next on my list is the AVerTVHD Volar MAX, essentially a portable USB DVR without the need of any cable or satellite subscriptions. The AVerTVHD plugs in through your computers USB. You can watch your favorite local channels right form your computer, or record shows to save for later. Not an everyday solution, but on a college kid budget it is perfect for local channel shows you don’t want to miss.

One of the most important items of all, portable battery charger. Essential for those days you forget to charge your phone, or you end up needing to charge on the run and don’t want to deal with those bulky and pesky charging cases. We all know you can’t live without your phone, and now you don’t have to! Just keep a portable charger on hand, and you’ll never let your smartphone or tablet die ever again.