Netflix letting you down? Try some real “comfort food TV!”

What ever happened to predictability?

If you’re humming a theme song right now, you’re probably around the same age I am. If you’re not, that’s ok too but this article’s for the folks who really remember what TV was like before cable and satellite. Today, there are thousands upon thousands of entertainment choices from cable, satellite, streaming and other sources. You can even still pop in a physical disc if that’s your thing.

When you reach the end of the internet

And yet, after about two years spent not doing anything but watching TV that doesn’t seem quite enough. There’s a lot of stuff out there but it’s not always the “comfort food” you’ve been craving. There’s classic TV on a few streaming sites, but it doesn’t quite work for you. I get that. That’s why you need to be watching TV the way it was intended to be watched… in real time.

I’m talking about putting up an antenna and watching TV with your hands off the remote. That’s right… settle in and watch what’s on. There are actually dozens of channels out there, and most folks can see them for free by using an antenna. You might not even have to go up on the roof like your dad did. A simple flat antenna placed near the TV might do just fine.

Channels you never knew about

When you connect that antenna, you’ll find channels your cable or satellite provider doesn’t carry, full of the shows you grew up with. There are several networks that carry nothing but classic TV shows in glorious standard definition. It’s just the thing for a lazy evening. Why page through tons of stuff you know you don’t want to see when you can look through a few channels full of the great stuff you grew up with?

It all starts with a free recommendation from our staff. With just a little bit of information, a real person will review your location and other things about you, and choose the best antenna for you. We’ll even recommend accessories you might want to use like cables and splitters. Then shop for everything you need. When that package full of goodies arrives, get your antenna set up, tell you TV to scan for channels, and you’re in business!

Meditate on this

I find that there’s an almost zen-like quality to sitting there watching TV in real time. When I can, I put my phone in another room and leave my tablet and laptop turned off. It’s living life one moment at a time, sitting and relaxing and finding the flow of life the way I lived it when I was younger. It can be incredibly liberating. We used to call TV “the idiot box” and complain about people staring blankly into the welcoming light but today, I have to tell you that we all need a little more of that.

We’re always multitasking, always in twelve conversations at once. Always wondering what else we could be watching and in a sea filled with thousands of programs, videos, news stories, tweets and posts, it can get to the point where you’re just burned out. Sometimes you just want to watch TV.

That’s where an antenna comes in and if you’re like me, you’ll find that it becomes an essential part of your relaxation routine. Put on some classic game shows or sitcoms and just find yourself transported back to a time when it all made just a little more sense. You’ll be glad you did!

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