This web site just won’t work on my iPad!!

Marty Silbernik is the author of I’m Too Old To Do This, a tech blog for folks who remember when none of this stuff existed. This article appears with permission.

n prior posts, I’ve talked about how we’re slowly moving away from computers to mobile devices. It’s really evident in my house, as I’m sure it is at yours. More often than not the computer sits there on the desk and you do your email, browsing, gaming or whatever on your mobile device — sometimes the phone — sometimes your tablet, and yeah, sometimes both!

But nothing to me is more frustrating than browsing the web on a mobile device. You never know what that website is going to look like. Sometimes you have to “fight” with the website to enter or find information. Why? The answer is simple. Many websites simply don’t optimize their site for use on a mobile device, or they haven’t invested in a dedicated app for mobile browsing. And today there’s simply no reason not to.

When I set up my own personal blog, I set it up so that its viewed differently on a mobile device versus a non- mobile device.Now, there are some differences, and with some apps or mobile versions of a website. Sometimes, not all of the features are available, but those that are used most often are almost always there.

I’m sure that someday, websites will be transparent, regardless of what you’re viewing them on. But for now, if you come across a website that you have issues with on a mobile device, don’t be afraid to contact the business and let them know you’re disappointed that they haven’t kept their website up with current mobile technology. Maybe if enough people do it, these companies will get off of the stick!

Editor’s Note: We’ve recently rolled out a smartphone-formatted version of our blog and continue to improve it, thanks to the urging of folks like Marty!

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