EPIX Free Preview January 21-24

Didn’t we just have one of those?

Yes, I checked, we did have an EPIX free preview back in April of 2020, although you probably agree that seems like ten years ago now. I feel like there was one since but I can’t find it.   I guess it’s not a surprise that we’re seeing another one. I’ve read of several other services that are offering prolonged free previews right now too.

What’s on EPIX?

When EPIX launched, it was expected that it would be a great place to find a few new movies as well as a rich set of older films you might enjoy. Of course this was back in 2009 when only a tiny number of people were streaming to their TVs. Today of course everyone does.

Taking a look at EPIX today there are a decent number of older films, but nothing you couldn’t find on other streaming services if you want. EPIX always seems to have one or two movies that other services don’t. For a while it was the only place to see BumbleBee. Lately, it’s the place you can watch Sonic the Hedgehog. 

The real benefit to EPIX, like most of these channels we used to call “movie channels,” is its original programming. The first EPIX original to really hit the national consciousness was Get Shorty, and lately they’re featuring War of the Worlds, Slow Burn, and Bridge and Tunnel. Bridge and Tunnel is the one getting the most buzz right now. It’s a period piece seemingly set in early-1980s Long Island. Although, clearly the accent coach was off their game. East coasters will certainly shake their heads when they hear different characters speak. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this trailer, released about a month ago.

Enjoy the free preview

EPIX is available on channels 558-560. It should be live from January 21 through January 24. If you’re having problems watching, go to DIRECTV.com/721 to refresh your services. Unlike some of the other previews that EPIX has had in the past, this is a fairly quick one. So, enjoy things over the weekend and let the streaming stuff wait for a bit.

Speaking of the streaming stuff, if this preview is like other ones lately, it won’t include the EPIX or EPIX NOW apps. You should have access to on demand material during the preview, but it seems that AT&T has finally found a way to stop you from stockpiling programs and watching them after the free preview is over. Honestly, this used to be a nice feature and it’s a shame that it’s gone.

Of course if you end up liking EPIX you can call Solid Signal at 877-312-4547 to add the channel to your DIRECTV package, or order it yourself at DIRECTV.com. Of course, Solid Signal is your home for everything you’ll need to live your best digital life. That includes the kind of pro-quality DIRECTV accessories you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also find the best in antenna, satellite, streaming, computer, and commercial technology. It’s all there for you at our newly renovated web site.

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