Essential businesses need gotW3!

This is a time like no other in our lives. In fact it may be a time like no other in history. If you’re lucky enough to be in an essential business, you’re working harder than ever to make sure your business thrives. You can’t afford one minute of downtime as your customers rush in and rush out, eager to avoid contact with others and stay safe.

That’s why you need every tool available to stay productive. And that means backup internet. Solid Signal has you covered, with a solution that gives you a smart backup solution for a few dollars a day.

gotW3 is an easy fix

gotW3 is the new hot product at Solid Signal. It’s like a Wi-Fi router but it gets internet from a cell provider, not from a cable coming into the building. You can learn a lot more by looking at our gotW3 Ultimate Guide. You’ll find articles, explainer videos, and plenty of other resources. But if you only have a moment, here’s what you need to know:

gotW3 gives you internet when you need it. It’s there when the cable company fails you. Period.

By using cell signals to get internet, you get reliable service wherever your phone works. And that is the very definition of “essential.”

How essential businesses use gotW3

You may be thinking, “I sell pet food, I don’t sell internet.” But you take credit cards, right? How well would your business work if you couldn’t process credit cards, Apple Pay, or other noncash payments?

Even during “normal” times, losing credit card processing is hard. Now it’s practically terminal. Your customers aren’t going to want to wait around or hand you a bunch of dirty bills.

That’s why you NEED a solution that lets you connect straight to internet when you need it. gotW3 products give you a wired port that you can connect straight to your network equipment. When the regular internet goes down, unplug your cable modem and plug in gotW3. You’ll be back to taking credit cards within minutes!

A smart investment at under $100 a month

gotW3 delivers peace of mind for business owners. Let’s be honest, we need a little bit more peace of mind lately, right? You need things in your business to be easier, not harder.

And yes, I get it. Money’s tight. But you still need to invest in the tools that make your business work. This is a fairly small investment and it’s month-to-month. You can turn it off if you find that you don’t need it, once the world opens back up. For now though it’s just super smart.

Get gotW3 from Solid Signal

When you’re ready to upgrade to reliable internet, get all the information you need here! If you’re ready to purchase and know what you want, shop for the amazing gotW3 system now at Solid Signal. You’ll be glad you did! Still not convinced? If you have questions, call our helpful staff at 866-726-4182 any time during East Coast business hours!

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