Paint Covered Mousetraps

We’ve left 2020 in the rear view mirror my friends, and while things aren’t really any better yet, I think we all hope for a 2021 that’s full of normalcy and improvement. But, a mere 8 days into the new year it’s too early to completely brush off the feelings we had last year.

Too much time on my hands

I think a lot of folks, when thinking of 2020, remember this Styx song. Certainly I think of it when I see videos like this week’s Fun Friday entry:

So let’s break this down for a minute.

The “Slo Mo Guys” have done a pretty good job creating entertainment based on showing things in (obviously) slow motion. But here I think they may have reached their crowning achievement.

You can imagine that they sat down (perhaps virtually) and discussed what to do. After a long period of discussion, they settled on, what if we set off a crap ton of mousetraps, each with paint pigments on them.

So then there’s obviously a lot of testing documented in this video, on how to create a chain reaction of mousetraps. Because really, you get one shot at this. If only a quarter of the mousetraps go off then you’ve wasted a lot of time.

Then you have to test how much pigment you’re going to use. Despite the fact that “paint bomb” videos are pretty common on the internet, these pigments are not cheap. The reason they’re so brightly colored is that they are very rich in fairly expensive minerals. You use just a little bit with a lot of paint base. That’s all you need.

And then you set it all up, you record it, and you edit it.

The time-wasting does not end there

After the video was produced and posted, a million people watched this 11 minute video, for a net time suck of 11 million minutes. That equates to about 21 years of wasted time, and that doesn’t even count the time I’m spending writing this article.

But hey, sometimes a little time suck isn’t a bad thing. After all, that’s what Fun Fridays are all about.

Oh well, back to blogging about more important things. Enjoy the video, and if you feel like a little bit of work, head over to for the best in electronics and accessories.

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