The Holderness Family

No questions, there are winners and losers this year. I mean, sure, there are winners and losers every year. But this year it really seems like there are people who are really doing 2020 well, and other people who aren’t.

These two have it figured out.

This is Penn and Kim, also known as The Holderness Family. Penn spent a lot of years in TV, both in front of and behind the camera, and Kim made it as far as being a reporter on Inside Edition. Together, they started a marketing and communications agency.

And then, 2020.

Penn and Kim, locked up with their two kids, started producing content. TONS of content. Their site is full of stuff to read and stuff to listen to, and their YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers. It’s full of videos that paint Penn and Kim as the hapless dad and supportive mom, who live perfectly relatable lives then sing or vlog about it. They’re the family we all want to be, especially right now.

Penn, the king of the dad joke

If there ever was a face for that brand of humor known as the “dad joke,” it’s got to be Penn. His songs are catchy and fun and they’ll make you smile and groan a little bit at the same time. Penn is the dad we all wish we could be – handsome enough not to embarrass, but still goodnaturedly embarrassing.

Kim, desperately trying not to day drink

Kim is the mom that moms can relate to. She holds it together with style, but still ends up making you understand why people day drink. Together with the kids, they’ve all been locked up together for months, and their real-world travails as as good as any sitcom.

What’s the point?

Probably none. Honestly, I subscribe to their channel. I watch, listen to, and read their stuff. I find it entertaining and it makes lockdowns seem a little better. So, I thought I’d recommend them to you as well if you hadn’t managed to hear of them before.

And, I also figure that they have pretty good web skills, so they’re looking for mentions of them out here on the internet. They’re bound to run into something that tells them I’ve been writing about them, so, Penn and Kim, I’m a fan. Well done!

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