When DIRECTV helped out with Hurricane Sandy

More and more of us know what it’s like to be part of a natural disaster. It’s a simple fact that there are now more serious weather events than there were back the last half of the 20th century. It seems like every day you hear about some sort of weather-related catastrophe somewhere, and we’re certainly not immune at Solid Signal HQ in Southern Michigan.

We’re even more aware of when it happens thanks to global communications. Of course, that sounds pretty plain and simple until it happens to you. Most residents of New York City and the surrounding areas had only heard about hurricanes in 2012 from the news, and then came Sandy. Sandy wouldn’t be the last hurricane to head up to visit New York. But it was one that New Yorkers soon would not forget.

The impact of Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy came with such force that it wiped out commmunications over much of the island of Manhattan. Cell towers were destroyed, land lines were underwater, and information was pretty hard to come by. Satellite TV was a godsend for those folks who were prepared.

DIRECTV to the rescue

With nothing more than a generator and a properly aimed dish, you could get all the information you need. The winds and rain were strong, but a lot of folks found that their dishes survived the storm. DIRECTV, realizing the impact they had on New York and on anyone who had loved ones there, started up two Hurricane Sandy Information Channels that were free for all subscribers. These channels broadcast local news and information to anyone who could receive. We reported on it for those people with internet access, as part of a coordinated effort with DIRECTV’s public relations and social media organizations.

Since then, there have been a lot more superstorms. There have been a lot more opportunities for DIRECTV and AT&T to step up, and they’ve done it. They’ve opened up local channel coverage, they’ve dispatched teams of communications experts, and they’ve done what it takes to get that infrastructure back online.

As we look toward the future, I expect to see a lot more cases where DIRECTV staff really step up when they need to. Sandy was nine years ago, but a lot of people remember the great job that DIRECTV did getting the word out. It’s something a land-based provider couldn’t have done.

And as DIRECTV steps up, you’ll see Solid Signal step up as well. We’ve added about 40,000 new parts since 2012, and many of them are geared toward first responders and critical infrastructure. When you shop the great selection at Solid Signal, you’ll find everything you need whether it’s a tiny connector or a massive generator. We’re all one big family, and we take care of each other. Why not give Solid Signal a try when you’re looking for emergency supplies?

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