Ugliest phone cases ever

This Fun Friday, I urge you to look at your belt. Are you still rocking one of those leather holsters for your phone? Even better question, does your phone, the one inside the leather holster, have a case on it?

Yeah, don’t be embarrassed, I’m still rocking that look myself. If you’re like me you’re not thrilled about the idea of destroying a $1,000 phone by dropping it just once. So you do the mature thing and protect it. You take that nice slim phone and put a big case on it, and put that big case in a holster.

But does it have to be ugly?

If you’re feeling bad about your cell phone case, I found this list of the 15 ugliest cell phone cases in modern history. This nosey looking one is on the list but I’d dare say it’s not the ugliest. You’ll just have to check them out and see.

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