Get the Televes DATBOSS Mix today

Our Televes DATBOSS Mix antenna was the hit of 2017. With massive improvements over its predecessor, it took the whole world by storm. For years, Solid Signal has been your home for the entire Televes line.

DATBOSS Mix is the one you want

The DATBOSS Mix give you true UHF/VHF capability along with optional amplification. It’s small enough that it meets most HOA restrictions and it’s not as difficult to assemble as the larger DATBOSS Mix LR. Yet for most people, it give top-notch performance.

If you’ve forgotten about this antenna, here’s a video, originally produced at launch time, that tells you the whole story:

It’s a really impressive and durable antenna that’s worth buying. It will work for years, and should be 100% compatible with ATSC 3.0, the next potential broadcast standard.

Should you wait for something newer?

Yes, there have been rumors of newer Televes antennas coming down the pike. And from the looks of them, they’ll be awesome. But there’s no reason to wait. This antenna solves reception problems and lasts for years. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of the cable company and still have free TV, jump in now. By the time any new antenna comes out, this antenna will have paid for itself with the money you’ll save by cutting cable. At that point you could upgrade and still be saving money. But, chances are you’ll be so happy with this antenna that you won’t feel the need to make a change.

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