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Cell boosters are awesome little pieces of gear. I think pretty much everyone should have one. You may wish you could cut down on your screen time, but let’s face it. You hold that little black mirror in your hand A LOT. And when it doesn’t work right, you get anxious.

Reception problems at home can be solved with a DIY-installed cellular signal booster. Cell boosters aren’t hard to install, even the most powerful ones. But, when you’re talking business, you’re talking special needs.

You’re talking WilsonPRO.

Who is WilsonPRO?

WilsonPRO is the professional line of cellular boosters from Wilson Electronics. Wilson Electronics pioneered the cellular signal booster with their weBoost and zBoost lines a decade ago. (Their original names were Wilson Electronics and Wi-Ex, but names change. The owner hasn’t.) The WilsonPRO line was launched a few years ago to provide a truly commercial-grade solution.

WilsonPRO boosters are designed to handle a larger area and more users than a “normal” cell booster system. You won’t find their products at your local big-box stores, either. WilsonPRO products are made for installers, the kind of people who take cellular signal seriously.

It’s all about the experience.

When you are in search of a commercial-grade cellular signal booster, you want someone who will do more than take it out of the box and put it up. The best way to do a commercial-grade install is to know what you’re getting into.

That means an installation professional who shows up before you buy one piece of equipment. Careful measurements can be made from the roof to see what signals are available. Then, using a blueprint of the office, measurements are taken in key areas. That’s the way you find out what’s really possible. An installer will use a signal meter rather than just a phone, so they can see what every carrier’s signals look like. It’s not enough to fix a problem with Verizon signals. After a cell booster install every carrier’s signals should be strong, everywhere they need to be.

The installer thinks of things that most people won’t.

Most people will show the installer the boss’s office and say that the signal needs to be perfect there. However, think about it. The boss doesn’t always stay in one place, right? One common mistake is that people don’t consider the cell reception in the restroom. It may be a disgusting fact, but it’s a fact. People use their cells a lot in the restroom. Even the boss does. So it’s important to create a plan that makes sure that every stall has great service. Let’s just hope everyone washes their hands afterwards.

Once the data is gathered…

A virtual model of the office is built showing where the signal is strong and weak. Solid Signal’s techs use special software to simulate the effect of placing antennas in different locations. This is possible not only because of some super computing power, but because the site visit shows where the signals are already weak. Knowing that, and knowing some things about how the building is built, lets the computer do all the work.

Then, a bill of materials is created and the customer can know exactly what they will pay for. Every WilsonPRO install is custom and includes the right number of antennas and cables needed to get great signal everywhere.

On install day…

The system is put in place and the facilities manager is trained. In some cases, a cloud-based system is put in that can alert someone if the booster goes down or if the cellular situation changes. New cell towers are being added all the time in growing industrial parks. When that happens you may find that the booster is not needed or power is reduced. On the other hand, new buildings may create a need for boost that didn’t exist before. While a cell booster is mostly a “set and forget” kind of operation, it’s always nice to know what you have so you can maintain the best signal for everyone.

Are you ready to step up to WilsonPRO?

If you’re ready for a truly pro-grade cellular signal booster, give the folks at Signal Connect a call at 888-233-7563. They’ll help you figure out which product is for you and get you set up with a site survey to help you figure out what you need.

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