Homecoming Season 2 is Worth It!

Last week, I told you that I planned to watch Homecoming season two on Amazon Prime Video. Well, I did and it was an amazing show to stream!

Okay, so how do I tell you about Homecoming’s second season without spoiling it for you? It’s going to be hard, but I’m willing to give it a try. So, the second season picks up where the first one left off. No, Julia Roberts and Shea Whigham aren’t in this season’s episodes.  A handful of other characters from the first series are though:

  • Bobby Cannavale and Alex Karpovsky make return cameo appearances.
  • Stephan James reprises his role as Walter Cruz.
  • Hong Chao becomes a main character this time around.
  • And Janelle Monáe, Chris Cooper, and Joan Cusack join as new characters.

What’s Season 2 About?

Like I mentioned in last week’s Streaming Saturday post, the action starts with Janelle Monáe’s character waking up in a boat. As the first episode progresses, we learn that she has no memory or any idea of who she is. My first thought was that she was another brainwashed soldier from the Homecoming Initiative featured in season one.

Let’s just say that the plot is MUCH better than a rehash of the brainwashed soldier motif.

Last season’s big reveal trained us to expect that everything would make sense by the end of the last episode. So, I was willing to be patient and ride things out. I wasn’t disappointed. The last episode really closes up every plot hole and even sets up season three in an organic way. Let’s hope they start production soon on the next batch of episodes.

And that’s precisely where I have to stop with the plot details. I don’t want to share spoilers. What I will say is that Homecoming season two offers a very good lesson. Think of it as a cautionary tale about being overconfident and biting off more than you can chew. That seems to be the lesson that a handful of characters in this season learn… the hard way.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t streamed the Homecoming series, you really should!

Spoilers and Why I Hate Them

It’s all Curtis’s fault. He’s a friend of mine from the old neighborhood. He’s a great guy but NEVER ask him about a movie he’s seen If you read these Streaming Saturday posts, you know I don’t like spoilers. It goes back to an old friend of mine named Curtis. Great guy, but he had a nasty habit of ruining movies. Case in point, he saw Predator without me back in the day. I made the mistake of asking him how it was.

“It was awesome!” he blurted. “The predator sees heat, so Arnold Schwarzenegger covers himself with mud so the creature can’t see him. Then he fights it and beats it, but the predator blows himself up with an atomic bomb!”

I still went to see Predator the next weekend but I have to admit that the element of surprise was ruined. I share this childhood story with you to illustrate why I can’t stand spoilers. It ruins everything for someone who hasn’t seen the movie or series. And if you’re about to call me a hypocrite for spoiling Predator for you, the movie came out in 1987. Why have you waited 30+ years to see that awesome Arnold vehicle? Just saying!

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