How Marina Wi-Fi Systems Work

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Have you ever wondered how a marina Wi-Fi system works? We have the answer for marina managers looking to upgrade their properties!

The Wi-Fi solution in your home or office is easy. Delivering high-speed internet to every boat in every slip must be hard, right? Not so fast! Our Signal Connect division makes marina Wi-Fi systems easy. In fact, we can deliver this service in four easy steps. Actually, it’s three steps. The fourth step only takes place if you need tech support after the sale. When that happens, you call us and fix things for free, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s bring the focus back to marina Wi-Fi systems. But first…

…A Few Words About Signal Connect

This division is an AT&T Preferred Dealer. Now I’ll tell you why that’s important to YOU. The marina Wi-Fi system we offer is AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI). It’s a high-speed service from ACC Business, a division of AT&T. This is the best Wi-Fi for marinas, and Signal Connect is your best source for it. We literally specialize in delivering this service to marinas!

How Marina Wi-Fi Systems Work

You want to know how all this works and The Solid Signal Blog delivers. Like I mentioned above, it’s a three-step process. (The fourth step comes into play when you need tech support and/or account management services.) So, without any further ado, here’s how easy it is to get a top-quality marina Wi-Fi system from Signal Connect.

Step 1: Get Marina Internet

You know your guests want high-speed internet service with no interruptions. You want to give it to them. Signal Connect and ACC Business work together to bring AT&T Dedicated Internet to your marina. It provides about 1 gigabit for every 10 slips.

Step 2: The Best Wi-Fi Equipment

Every good Wi-Fi installation starts with the best gear. When you work with Signal Connect, you get the benefit of our other division – Solid Signal. This half of the company is a consumer electronics products dealer. Between Solid Signal and ACC Business, here’s what your marina Wi-Fi system will look like:

  • A high-quality router. Your internet service is received and delivered by this device.
  • A network switch. This connects multiple devices to the network. The one you get depends on a variety of aspects that are unique to your installation.
  • Multiple outdoor access points. These devices deliver the Wi-Fi signal to various spots within your property. Generally, we recommend placing one every 2,000 square feet that you want to cover.

Since every installation is different, Signal Connect provides customized Wi-Fi solutions. One thing remains consistent, though. Everyone in your marina gets to enjoy high-speed access on any device!

Step 3: Fine-Tuning

Once the hardware is installed, you have Wi-Fi throughout your marina. At this point, your Signal Connect rep troubleshoots your system one last time. This lets us make any last-minute adjustments that your installation needs. It’s also the time when your rep establishes appropriate security policies.

Step 4: FREE Tech Support!

Sometimes marina managers need tech support or account management services. When you do, you’re too busy to wait on hold with the AT&T call center. You call us instead and we’ll take care of it for FREE! Yes, it’s that simple, and our reps are the masters. You’ll learn this when you need to give our team a call.

Marina Managers…

…This is the part of the blog where I tell you to call Signal Connect. You should, too, because your guests want to stay at a high-end marina. One of the things that makes your property high-end is reliable, high-speed internet service. So, call us, but you don’t have to buy anything today. Call us with your questions about marina internet so a Signal Connect rep can answer them. The number is 866-726-4182. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. We’ll be in touch!

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