Introducing weBoost’s Business Class Cell Phone Boosters!

It’s time to get serious. There has never been a more important moment for the lowly cell phone signal booster. With millions of folks returning to work, many are opting to keep using their cell phones instead of the office phone system. The only problem is, a lot of offices have poor reception! This can lead to dropped calls, slow data speeds, and a really unprofessional experience when your employees talk to your customers.

The options haven’t been great…

For over a decade, you’ve been able to buy a cell phone signal booster to help with this problem. Unfortunately, they usually come in two sizes: way too big or way too small. There are great options for 2,000 square foot homes. There are massive ones for use in airports and shopping malls. But until now, there hasn’t been a “goldilocks” solution for the millions of small businesses that make up the backbone of the economy.

The weBoost Office 100

This is the weBoost Office 100. It looks a lot like our Home Complete product, but it is designed from the inside out for office use. It uses the maximum allowable boost –72dB– along with more input and output power than any other booster in its class. This means more simultaneous connections and stronger connections than you’ll get from any other system this size.  You’ll usually be able to cover a space of at least 6,000 square feet.

The weBoost Office 200

The weBoost Office 200 brings even more to the party. More power, more coverage, more control. It gives you the power to control which cell bands are amplified and you can navigate using the large LCD screen. It’s also available in a 75-ohm version for existing coaxial cable and a 50-ohm version which gives lower loss and lets you use really heavy-duty cable. If you need to boost 8,000 square feet of office space, this is the one you want.

The Wilson Installed | Office 200

Looking for the top dog in this space? Look no further than the Wilson Installed | Office 200. Start with everything you like about the regular Office 200. Add an additional antenna and professional installation. By tailoring the power through two antennas, you can get coverage for warehouse spaces up to 20,000 square feet. Sure, there are even more powerful boosters out there, but then you’re talking about custom design. Solid Signal can help with that too, but folks… these boosters are all about the medium sized business.

Why choose one of these cell phone booster solutions?

By choosing a weBoost office cell phone signal booster, you’re going to be able to blanked your office space with good, strong cell service. That cell service will work for everyone regardless of carrier. And with more of your employees using personal cell phones for work, that’s important. You’ll get real results when you install one of these systems. And best of all, you get to choose the product that’s best for your business. That will help you save money.

The Office 100 and Office 200 are designed for installation by your facility professional. If your on-site person can drill a hole and run a wire, they’ll be able to install these systems. There’s no special certification required.

Goodbye to cell phone problems… hello Solid Signal!

When you’re ready to move up to pro-quality cell service, shop at Solid Signal. We’re here with solutions that will help your business grow by helping you serve your customers. If you have questions, call us during East Coast business hours at 888-233-7563. We’ll help you find the best solution. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

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