It’s cell booster mania at Solid Signal!

OK, it’s time to be honest. What matters more to you in life than your phone? I’m talking about your possessions here. If you left your watch at home would you go back for it? What about your wedding ring? If you’re like most people you would just “live without” for a day, knowing that stuff was safe. But would you turn around if you got halfway to work without your phone? I bet you would. Be honest, you know I’m right.

Your phone is a $1,000 investment…

…and you’re probably happy to make it. Yes you can get a phone for under $100. It’s going to be pretty decent too. But for most people who read this blog, you probably have opted for something a bit higher-end. With today’s superphones now costing upwards of $1,500 it’s fair to guess that most people here probably paid close to a grand, at least. Not only that, you’ll trade out that phone in a couple of years and not think twice about it. If you’re lucky and you’ve been keeping it in a case, you might be able to resell it. If not, it’s just an ongoing expense, something you need for today’s modern world.

Why not spend a fraction of that to make it work better?

We experience so much of the world through our phones but there’s one problem. Cell service stinks indoors. There, I said it. It’s not the carrier’s fault… energy-efficient buildings do a great job of keeping all sorts of radiation out. They block heat and UV, and they block cell signals too. If you’re in an area with great signal outside, you probably don’t realize you’ve lost over 80% of that signal when you’re indoors. If you’re still only getting one bar outside, you probably know that you have nothing inside.

So what to do? You could rely on Wi-Fi, but that’s getting to be a worse and worse option. Stores that used to offer free Wi-Fi have let it go downhill, and it’s a pain connecting to a new network every time you go somewhere. There’s a better option.

With a cellular signal booster installed in your home or office, you can get great signal indoors. Sometimes you can even get better signal inside than outside! A large antenna on the roof pulls in as much signal as possible, and a fancy computerized amplifier bumps it up 100,000 times. Then it’s rebroadcast inside. The same system helps your phone reach distant towers as well.

Which booster to get?

There are so many to choose from. Vehicle boosters will give great signal to one phone in your car, while fancy DAS systems will let hundreds of people get improved cell service from one system. There are dozens of choices in between. Solid Signal carries all the best boosters, and this is the perfect time to choose one!

It’s cell booster mania!

Take a few minutes to browse the great selection of cellular signal boosters at If you’re not sure which one to buy, get a professional recommendation by filling out this free form.  A certified technician will look through everything you supply and give our recommendation for the best booster. If that still doesn’t help, give our technicians a call during East Coast business hours. You’ll get a real professional who can help you decide which booster is best for you. Most of our cell boosters can be installed easily and don’t need a paid installer. We’ll tell you more when you call… the number is 877-312-4547.


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