Live Streaming Problems Solved!

Do you know what the three biggest threats to a successful virtual classroom are? These problems can ruin a live broadcasting event or prerecorded educational video. Video makers usually realize there’s a problem AFTER they’ve spent their time shooting the video. The three biggest culprits are:

  1. Bad or unclear audio.
  2. A jiggly camera.
  3. Not getting everyone/everything into the frame.

You want to get ahead of these issues before live streaming to your community. Solid Signal has something that fixes these problems. It’s called the Padcaster kit.

What is the Padcaster Kit?

My colleague Stuart Sweet recently blogged about the Padcaster kit. In short, it has everything you need to host a virtual classroom, Zoom meeting, etc. It works just as well for prerecorded videos. If you have an iPad, you simply attach it to the Padcaster kit. This gives you a nearly endless amount of trouble-free video shooting.

When it comes to the Padcaster system, there are three important takeaways:

  1. There’s a Padcaster kit for nearly every iPad.
  2. It comes with everything but an iPad. (You probably already have that.)
  3. Solid Signal carries the entire Padcaster line.

These points prove that there’s a Padcaster kit for nearly anyone, and they can get what they need from Solid Signal!

How Padcaster Improves Live Streaming

Above, I mentioned that poor audio, unstable cameras, and a tight lens can ruin your live streaming experience. I also said that the Padcaster kit addresses these common issues. Here’s how:

  1. Its unidirectional microphone captures clear vocals.
  2. It also comes with a durable case and tripod that secures your iPad and the shot.
  3. The included wide-angle lens helps you capture everything.

These three things will raise the bar on your live streaming or recording session. It makes Padcaster popular with anyone who hosts a variety of video events. This includes schools, community organizations, and houses of worship. Just to be clear, this kit comes with more than a mic, case, tripod, and wide-angle lens. Here’s what you get when you invest in Padcaster:

  • Padcaster Case
  • Unidirectional mic kit
  • Dual microphone/headphone splitter
  • Multi-function wide angle/macro lens
  • Fluid head tripod/monopod
  • Lens sticker
  • Padded camera backpack

In short, Padcaster comes with everything you need to start shooting quality video. Well, everything but the iPad, which you probably have already. And speaking of iPads, the Padcaster line in our inventory has a kit for nearly every iPad device and size.

An Investment in Padcaster…

…Is an investment in the quality in your live broadcasting and videos. You get everything you need to host professional-quality live streaming events. Do you have questions about how this product can help your organization? Give Solid Signal a call at 877.312.4547. You can also fill out the form below and email it to us.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.