Locast Brings Free Streaming to Madison, WI

Madison, Wisconsin in the 26th TV market to acquire Locast, a free streaming service for local channels.

Do you live in Madison or the Madison area? You can download Locast and stream your local broadcast TV channels over the internet. We’re talking Columbia, Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa, Juneau, Lafayette, Marquette, Richland, Rock, and Sauk counties. Locast lets you stream local programming to your phone, tablet, laptop, and other streaming device. It’s the same for DIRECTV and DISH users in these areas. Locast is handy for streamers without TV antennas and satellite TV subscribers who want to see their local TV shows.

Here’s What Locast Brings to Madison, WI

We are happy to tell you because it is important to know which local TV stations you’ll get. The answer is pretty much all of them. That’s right! Madison area viewers will have access to more than 30 local TV channels that include:

  • AntennaTV
  • Azteca America
  • Charge!
  • Comet TV
  • CourtTV
  • GRIT
  • ION
  • LAFF
  • Movies!
  • Mystery
  • PBS Kids
  • PBS Wisconsin
  • The CW
  • True Crime
  • WISC-TV, CBS News 3
  • WKOW, ABC, 27
  • WMSN, FOX, 47
  • WMTV, NBC, 15
  • And more.

Hey, Cheeseheads!

There’s a very good reason to download Locast today. Since it’s now available in the Madison area, you can watch the Green Bay Packers tomorrow. They face off against the Los Angeles Rams at 3:35 pm CST. You’ll find the game on FOX’s Channel 47. Good luck and go green!

Get Locast In/Around Madison, WI

By now, you’re probably wanting to download Locast. It’s free, after all. You can get it at www.locast.org. It’s also available at a variety of app stores and streaming service providers, including: Amazon, Android, Apple TV, Google Play, ROKU, and TiVo. You can also run Locast on your DISH Hopper/Wally receivers, and select DIRECTV receivers.

Locast: What You Need to Know

Yes, Locast is a free streaming service that delivers local TV channels to your chosen devices. You won’t get a DVR function, though. You’ll also have to watch the occasional commercial asking you to donate to Locast. The commercial disappear when you donate just a few dollars a month, and you probably should. The folks there have to keep the doors open, the lights on, and people employed. DISH and AT&T also contribute to Locast so the service can continue to be used on their satellite TV system.

When it Comes to Free Local TV…

…There’s something we feel compelled to tell you. Locast is the best way to stream local TV channels to your devices. There’s no doubt about that. The best way to enjoy local TV, however, is to get a TV antenna. This makes sure you get all of the local channels you can possibly get delivered to the TV sets in your home. And you won’t have to make any donations, either. You just purchase an antenna, install it, and enjoy your local programming for many years to come.

If you’re thinking about cutting the cord, talk to us first. The antenna experts in our US-based headquarters can recommend the perfect TV antenna for you. They’ll base their antenna recommendation on how for you live from the local TV transmitters and other factors. You can reach our customer service team at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send to us. Someone will reach out to you in one business day or less.

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