Netflix Cancels The Punisher, Jessica Jones

Netflix just cancelled future seasons of The Punisher and Jessica Jones. This more or less ends any future Marvel content being made for the big red streaming service provider. While this might be upsetting to Punisher fans such as myself and Mrs. Buckler, we were warned. Earlier this week, that knower of all things, Stuart Sweet, was very clear about this in a recent post. Disney owns Marvel, and all Marvel content is headed to the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. These changes will have some effect on the streaming world, but perhaps not as much as some might think.

Here’s a look at Netflix’s last season of The Punisher. Take one last look before it’s gone for good:

“But We Like The Punisher!”

Mrs. Buckler and I watch some superhero movies but we aren’t huge Marvel fans. We tend to pick and choose the ones we’ll invest our time in. For example, we never watched Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist series on Netflix. We decided to watch The Punisher mainly because we remember Jon Bernthal from his role as Shane on The Walking Dead. We ended up enjoying his take on the Frank Castle character from The Punisher as well.

The Punisher isn’t your typical “superhero movie, which is why we enjoyed it so much. Frank Castle, The Punisher, doesn’t have any superpowers, save for being able to shoot straight and give the bad guys a beating. This makes for great action sequences. The series also has solid storylines, supporting characters, and a solid overall message about the difficulties that veterans face when they return home. Well, there will be no more of that since…

… Marvel is Going to Disney+

As Stuart already pointed out, Marvel content is leaving Netflix for Disney+. We don’t know if Netflix’s Marvel series will continue at their new home. In fact, we don’t really know exactly how Marvel content will be presented when Disney+ is finally available. All we pretty sure of is that it won’t be on Netflix anymore.

Mrs. Buckler and I already watched the first two seasons of The Punisher. With the series being cancelled on Netflix, there’s only one more thing we can do to get our Frank Castle fix. We’ll have to watch season two of Daredevil. In this Marvel superhero series still on Netflix (for now), Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle is featured in a sub-plot. That will be the last we’ll see of The Punisher because…

… We’re Not Getting Disney+

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve written about these niche streaming services before, and I stand by my words that it’s not worth paying a monthly fee for one show. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask Stuart Sweet who subscribed to CBS All Access for just one show, Star Trek: Discovery. My intrepid colleague was upset after he signed up for that streaming service. In a post before that, he even urged readers to cancel CBS All Access immediately. Wow! Buyer’s remorse much?

We all can learn from Stuart’s experience with CBS All Access. If it teaches us anything, it’s that subscribing to a niche streaming service for one series can be costly and disappointing. Best tip for streaming: Try to choose the service that gives you the most of what you like from a variety of sources. This is more valuable than investing in a streaming channel that provides one series you like. You’ll be happier in the long run.

The Problem with Netflix Content…

… Is that not all of it is good. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but not every Netflix original movie or series has been all that. Sure, I liked Russian Doll and a few others, but I’m really waiting for Stranger Things season three. Since that is my favorite Netflix original series, I want to see how that plays out. This show alone could determine whether we keep Netflix or cut it from our budget. (Nobody in the streaming services market is “too big to fail” when it comes to my hard-earned money.)

If anyone else feels like I do, Netflix could be in a pickle. The streaming service has a ton of original content, but not all of it is good. To further complicate matters, some of its best series don’t get renewed for a variety of reasons. Can Netflix get out of this mess? Yes, I think it can but only if the streaming service can put together some hit franchises that will resonate with fans and stick around for more than just one season.

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