Streaming Saturday: Netflix Sale and Other Rumors

Netflix is for sale, and the company soon will launch a download-to-go option for its customers. These are the two recent rumors surrounding the streaming service.

Netflix is for sale. At least that’s what people have been saying for some time now. The latest rumors suggest that Disney plans to acquire Netflix this year. Communications and entertainment industry insiders have pointed to Netflix’s down quarter, peaked subscriptions, and the high cost of the streaming giant’s commitment to original programming as reasons for a larger company to make the purchase. This comes on the heels of rumors that Apple should purchase Netflix.

While such rumors sound reasonable, at the moment, that’s exactly what they are – rumors. As of this writing, no word has been released that suggests Disney and Netflix are even in talks, let alone a sale. That said, the old ax that everything is for sale as long as the price is right might hold true. If Disney, or any major corporation with the money to spend, came to Netflix with the right price, who know what might happen?

Another Netflix Rumor…
The streaming giant will launch a download-to-go option for its customers. That’s what they say, anyway. Industry pundits and insiders have stated that such an offering would be a natural progression for Netflix to make some content available to view offline. Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied these statements. As close as the company got to admitting to a download-to-go option is Netflix Spokesperson Anne Marie Squeo’s statement that the company continues to look for ways to improve its services for its customers.

Personally, I think that a downloading option would be a great addition to Netflix. Surely there’s a portion of Netflix subscribers who would enjoy this option. I’m a bit skeptical about the rumors of a purchase, however. Companies big and small have been purchased by or merged with other companies. History has shown that when this happens, the company that gets acquired often changes to fit the culture of the conquering company.

I love Netflix just the way it is – an emerging powerhouse of compelling original content. My biggest fear is that any company that might acquire Netflix would start looking to make cuts to streamline the operation. If the fate of HBO originals such as CarniváleRome, and Deadwood are any indication, the acquiring company might cut some of Netflix’s most popular original series mid-story. This is the worst thing any network could do to fans of its popular shows, and it’s my biggest fear should a corporation come forward to purchase Netflix.

Fortunately, none of this is true. Netflix continues to be the streaming service that I know and love, and I’m happy for things to stay that way. Should the company wish to merge with another corporation, I only ask that it does this long after Stranger ThingsBloodline, and a few more of its original shows have series finales. Then and only then might I support the idea of a merger or acquisition… maybe.

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