Netflix to Have a Very Original November 2020

Hey, streamers! It’s not too early to talk about November’s original programming headed to Netflix.

I don’t think it’s “too soon” to talk about streaming in November 2020. Not in the world where Christmas displays pop up in stores the day after Halloween. Hello? There’s at least one major holiday between Halloween and the winter holidays. It’s called Thanksgiving and it happens in November. The stores might forget this when it comes to marketing, but I don’t neglect November when it comes to streaming.

So, obviously, there are some original series and movies coming to Netflix next month. As is usually the case, I look through the titles and trailers and a “top three” usually jumps out at me. Well, you’ll be glad to see that nothing has changed. Here are my top picks for what I plan to stream on Netflix, but don’t worry. I’ve shared everything coming to the big red streaming service in the eleventh month of 2020.

For now, let’s take a look at what I plan to stream next month:

1. The Liberator, Season 1 (November 11th)

Okay, this one looks amazing. It’s a Netflix original series based on Alex Kershaw’s nonfiction book about the 157th regiment in WWII. True war stories aren’t new, but this film uses something very interesting. It features animation over live-action shots. It’s an updated version of something called “rotoscoping.” That’s where animators traced over motion picture footage to produce realistic action.

Netflix’s The Liberator looks like it’s loaded with action. The story traces the regiment’s battles from Sicily to the heart of Germany. Bonus points because it premiers on Veteran’s Day. If you like shows such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, chances are good that you’ll enjoy The Liberator. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the show’s trailer on YouTube.

2. The Crown, Season 4 (November 15th)

There’s no way I’m not getting out of watching this, so I might as well mention it. Some of you already know that Mrs. Buckler loves British TV shows. Well, The Crown is one of them. And when I was writing this post, I shouted, “Hey honey! The Crown’s fourth season kicks off next month.” The benefits of working from home, I suppose.

Mrs. Buckler has good reason to be excited about the upcoming season of The Crown. It takes place at the end of the 1970s. This means viewers like my wife will find out about the woman Prince Charles plans to marry. They’ll also meet Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister), played by Gillian Anderson of X Files fame. I’m even looking forward to watching after seeing The Crown season four trailer:

3. Hillbilly Elegy (November 24)

Now, here’s a Netflix original movie about real people living real lives and having real struggles. The story centers on J.D. Vance (Gabriel Basso). He’s a former Marine and current Yale Law student who’s forced to return to his rural blue-collar home because of a family crisis. It’s based on J.D. Vance’s book, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis.

Everything about Hillbilly Elegy screams that it will be a great show. It’s a Ron Howard film, for starters. Secondly, it stars Glenn Close and Amy Ryan, both accomplished actresses. My prediction is that this movie will be powerful and a tearjerker at times, but worth it in the end. Check out the Hillbilly Elegy trailer and let me know what you think:

Other Netflix Originals for November 2020

So, the three shows I mentioned above are my top picks for Netflix in November 2020. That’s not all that the streaming service has planned for next month. There are more than 26 other original programs coming to Netflix soon. The dates listed for each are based on the information we have at the time. They could be subject to change between now and the time they are made available on the streaming service.

Gabby’s Dollhouse, Season 1 (November 3)
Love & Anarchy, Season 1 (November 4)
Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?, Season 1 (November 5)
Operation Christmas Drop (November 5)
Citation (November 5)
Paranormal, Season 1 (November 5)
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (November 5)
Country Ever After, Season 1 November 6
Undercover, Season 2 (November 8)
Dash & Lily, Season 1 (November 10)
The Life Ahead (November 13)
The Minions of Midas, Season 1 (November 13)
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (November 13)
What-To-Doodles (November 17)
Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas, Season 1 (November 18)
The Princess Switch: Switched Again (November 19)
Alien Xmas (November 20)
Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (November 22)
Shawn Mendes: In Wonder (November 23)
Dragons Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday, Season 1 (November 24)
The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (November 25)
A Go! Go! Cory Carson Christmas, Season 1 (November 27)
Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (November 27)
Sugar Rush Christmas, Season 2 (November 27)
Wonderoos: Holiday Holiday!, Season 1 (November 29)
A Queen is Born, Season 1 (TBD)

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