NEW VIDEO: Tech Choice Coax Mapper

We’ve all been there. A lot of cables, already installed. You don’t know if they’re any good, and you don’t know where they go. That’s why you need something like this Tech Choice 4-Way Coax Mapper. Not only can it tell you if the cables are any good, it can tell you which cable is which.

The secret

Unlike simple cable testers, the Coax Mapper comes with four color coded terminators. All you do is connect one to the far end of each of four cables. Then, connect the coax mapper to the other end. You’ll see which cable you’re connected to because one of the four lights will light up.

Here you can see the light next to ORANGE is lit, meaning the cable you connected to has the orange terminator on the other side. It’s that easy!

An essential part of your toolkit

A tool like this should be in the toolbox of anyone who works with coax cables. It’s so simple to use and so easy. It’s better than cable toners because it also tests the integrity of the cable. If you’ve connected to a cable that’s broken or one that doesn’t go anywhere, you’ll know it instantly.

The Coax Mapper in action

Our team has produced a super-short video showing how the Coax Mapper works to give you confidence in the work you’re doing. Take a look:

This coax tester comes with the four colored terminators in a protected storage area, the slide-out base, and a 9-volt battery. You’ll need to supply your own coax barrel if you want to test cables that are already installed. I’m sure that’s not a problem, because you probably have half a dozen barrels sitting around. The storage area is big enough to fit a barrel in it so you can always have one with you.

A great tool at a great price

Tech Choice is Solid Signal’s own brand for parts that we source straight from the manufacturer. By choosing a Tech Choice part you’re getting something at a fabulous price and it comes with all the free technical support that Solid Signal is known for. You might have seen a part like this sold elsewhere for a higher price, because we negotiate directly with the factory. That means we get the best products and can pass the savings along to you!

Pick up the Coax Mapper from Solid Signal now!

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